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64-Kern-CPU | VR: Mutter trifft verstorbene Tochter

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Diese Woche in Tech-up Weekly: 64-Kern-CPU für 4000 Euro & Mutter trifft verstorbene Tochter in VR wieder....

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Underclocking high-end mobile CPUs for cooler, better battery life, longer lifespan ultra-thin Linux laptops - Part 1

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Preface If you have an ultra-thin laptop with a high-end CPU, and your laptop's temperature is constantly high (>90oC) under heavy workload, this post is for you. In this wall of text, I will discuss how to underclock your high-end mobile CPU to

CPUID CPU-Z bis 1.42 Kernel-Mode Driver Pufferüberlauf

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Es wurde eine Schwachstelle in CPUID CPU-Z bis 1.42 ausgemacht. Sie wurde als kritisch eingestuft. Hiervon betroffen ist eine unbekannte Funktion der Komponente Kernel-Mode Driver. Mittels dem Manipulieren mit einer unbekannten Eingabe kann eine Puffer

Improving Battery Life of Ultra-thin Ultrabooks - Part 2

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Greetings, ​ This is the second part of the power saving methods based on dynamic frequency down-scaling with Intel p_state. Link to the first part. Preface I decided to grab a mobile workstation for my computer vision work. The laptop I bought has worked great; however, its battery capacity

64-Kern-CPU | VR: Mutter trifft verstorbene Tochter

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Diese Woche in Tech-up Weekly: 64-Kern-CPU für 4000 Euro & Mutter trifft verstorbene Tochter in VR wieder.

Why nice levels are a placebo and have been for a very long time, and no one seems to have noticed

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Linux has a feature called 'autogrouping', which is enabled by default on most systems, for scheduling processes (see manual page excerpt below). Essentially it causes the scheduler to act primarily on the nice level set for process groups rather tha

Bashtop - Linux/OSX/FreeBSD Resource Monitor

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Bpytop, bashtop python port is now available at https://github.com/aristocratos/bpytopIt's a lot faster and about a third as cpu heavy and has more features, including: Mouse support Toggleable mini mode More customization Graphs for memory

Youtube gerührt: Mutter trifft in VR verstorbene Tochter

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Ein Clip aus einer Fernsehshow rührt derzeit Youtube: Eine Mutter trifft dort in VR-Umgebung ihre verstorbene Tochter.

Bpytop - Linux/OSX/FreeBSD Resource Monitor

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Resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, network and processes.Python port of bashtop.FeaturesEasy to use, with a game inspired menu system.Full mouse support, all buttons with a highlighted key is clickable and mouse scroll wor

Cachy-sched patch for linux kernel 5.8

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Cachy-sched Github: https://github.com/hamadmarri/cachy-sched Cachy-sched is a linux scheduler that utilizes CPU cache and it is based on Highest Response Ratio Next (HRRN) policy. About Cachy Scheduler All balancing code is removed except for idle C

What’s new in TensorFlow Lite from DevSummit 2020

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Posted by Khanh LeViet, Developer Advocate on behalf of the TensorFlow Lite teamEdge devices, such as smartphones, have become more powerful each year and enable an increasing number of on-device machine learning use cases. TensorFlow Lite is the official framework for running TensorFlow model inference

Schattenmakler: Hacking-Werkzeuge der NSA in freier Wildbahn

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Schattenmakler (Symbolbild) Public Domain Viktor Kern—Die anonyme Hacker-Gruppe "The Shadow Brokers" veröffentlicht massenweise gesammelte Sicherheitslücken, laut ihrer Aussage von der NSA. Unter den angegriffenen Rechnern waren wohl auch mehrere von deutschen Uni

Are you bored during quarantine? Let's fix some open source project!

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Hi, Recently, because of the quarantine, I had enough free time which I decided to use to find bugs in some more known projects. So I decided to integrate them with Gitlab CI and provide source code analysis with Sonarcloud, Cppcheck and Coverity Scan. So

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