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This Surface Neo patent shows the potential XCloud has on Windows devices

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A recent patent filing shows Microsoft is at least thinking about game controller attachments for the Surface Neo. A recent patent filing (via PatentScope) has offered us a more detailed look at some of the Surface Neo's technical capabilities, alongside some tantalizing possibilities for future user scenarios. Microsoft's Project XCloud is a massive undertaking in the gaming division, as the teams ramp up to deliver console-quality game streaming content to any device. The service is now in-testing on Android and iOS, with a Windows version soon to follow. Thus far, the service has an avalanche of high-quality content, easily beating out rivals like Google's Stadia. Although we still don't know what the monetization model looks like, the promise and potential is clearly there. So far, we generally think about Project XCloud as being a "mobile" affair, bringing Xbox games to handsets. I've found in my own testing that larger tablets provide a far more preferable experience, owing ......

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