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Unbound bis 1.6.7 NSEC Record Wildcard erweiterte Rechte

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In Unbound bis 1.6.7 wurde eine Schwachstelle ausgemacht. Sie wurde als kritisch eingestuft. Das betrifft eine unbekannte Funktion der Komponente NSEC Record Handler. Durch Manipulation durch Wildcard kann eine erweiterte Rechte-Schwachstelle ausgenutzt werden. C

USN-4374-1: Unbound vulnerabilities

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unbound vulnerabilities A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Ubuntu 19.10 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Summary Several security issues were fixed in Unbound. Software Description unbound - validating, recurs

unbound-adblock: The lightweight, secure network adblocking solution

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Hey folks, Just thought I'd share my unbound-adblock script with you guys. It's been around for a couple of years now and was OpenBSD only. I've had a number of people contact me asking about Linux support, as my webpage is one of the top results on

USN-4149-1: Unbound vulnerability

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unbound vulnerability A security issue affects these releases of Ubuntu and its derivatives: Ubuntu 19.04 Summary Unbound could be made to crash if it received a specially crafted NOTIFY query. Software Description unbound - validating, recursive, cachin

Cloudflare Launches Workers Unbound, the Next Evolution of Its Serverless Platform

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Cloudflare today announced the private beta launch of Workers Unbound, the latest step in its efforts to offer a serverless platform that can compete with the likes of AWS Lambda. TechCrunch reports: The company first launched its Workers edge computing

Unbound Tech launches solution addressing need for password-free security

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Unbound Tech announced the advancement of its Crypto-of-Things (CoT) solution – an endpoint security solution which removes dependence on traditional authentication methods, based on Unbound’s NextGen Key Orchestration Platform. Now, businesses re

HPR3091: fuguserv

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Where you can go to get your copy of the fuguita OS.http://fuguita.org Additional book references.https://nostarch.com/pf3https://nostarch.com/obenbsd2e The files I cover in the /etc/ directory first.. dhclient.conf interface "em0" { # ignore domain-n

Cloudflare releases Workers Unbound, a secure serverless computing platform

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Cloudflare announced the release of Cloudflare Workers Unbound, offering a serverless platform for developers with unparalleled flexibility, performance, security, ease of use, and pricing. It allows developers to run complicated computing workloads ac

Netdata release v1.19

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Hey all, Introducing a major rewrite of our web log collector, cmocka unit testing, improvements on our Unbound collector and even more! Check out our blog post for full details or read our release notes below. Release v1.19.0 contains 2 new collectors, 19 bug fixes, 17 improvements, and 19 documentation updates. Full release notes can be found here. At a glance We completed a major rewrite of our web log collector to dramatically improve its flexibility and performance. The new collector, written entirely in Go, can parse and chart logs from Nginx and Apache servers, and combines

Make a Unbound-UPDATE_SCRIPT in Debian Stretch (Question)

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Hi! ​ Can someone tell me which network service I have to use in Debian 'Stretch' for a "update-script" @ Unbound? Device is: eth0 ​ "update-r00t-hintz.service" Here's the code: ​ [Unit] Description=####//:"UPDATE 'r00t-h!NtZ':\#### [email protected]

DTS Sound Unbound Now Available on Windows 10 Version 1903

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The official DTS Sound Unbound app has finally made it to the Microsoft Store and Windows 10 version 1903 users can download it right now free of charge. Microsoft and DTS started the work on the app a few months ago, and early functionality was included

Unbound up to 1.6.7 NSEC Record Wildcard privilege escalation

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A vulnerability was found in Unbound up to 1.6.7. It has been declared as critical. This vulnerability affects an unknown function of the component NSEC Record Handler. Upgrading to version 1.6.8 eliminates this vulnerability. A possible mitigation has

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