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Noob question about dsd audio files in li ux

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my aim is to build up a linux computer as an audio player for my audio files that are stored on a QNAP NAS. I bought myself a used Lenovo Thinkpad and managed to install Linux Mint onto it. I will use JRiver's Media Center to play my music files. This works fine so far for my HighRes Flac files. The one thing that doesn't work "out of the box", is playing DSD files and I wonder if there is need of some codec files to support DSD files. Maybe some of you can help me out here. Or is there a Linux system out there that is "better" for streaming and playing audio files from a NAS into a DAC via USB? The JRiver Media Center isn't tested for many distributions though and I would like to stick to it. Thanks for any tipps, as I am quite new to Linux and wouldn't know where to search and look!

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