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Everything parents need to know about using Minecraft for your kids

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Using Minecraft for your kids at home. With thousands of children coming home from school for the time being, parents are left wondering how they can help provide guidance in their children's education. An unexpected contender for this task is none other than Minecraft, the open-world creative sandbox title that nary a child hasn't played and fallen in love with. For most, Minecraft is simply a game, a medium through which to be entertained. Mojang and Microsoft, the companies behind the game, have also made it into a powerful educational resource used by thousands of schools in hundreds of countries, backed by high-quality lessons that anyone can access. With recent events changing the course of the world in the near future, Mojang and Microsoft have teamed up to make it even easier for parents at home to use this version of Minecraft, appropriately dubbed Minecraft: Education Edition. Here's how you can get involved. What do I need to know about Minecraft? If you're a parent ......

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