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TensorFlow Dev Summit ‘20, Google for Games Dev Summit, Cloud AI Platform Pipelines, & much more!

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  • Recap of the 2020 TensorFlow Dev Summit

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    Posted by Laurence Moroney, Developer AdvocateThanks to everyone who joined our virtual TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020 livestream! While we couldn’t meet in person, we hope we were able to make the event more accessible than ever. We’re recapping all t
  • Part 1: Fast, scalable and accurate NLP: Why TFX is a perfect match for deploying BERT

    vom 587.74 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Guest author Hannes Hapke, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at SAP’s Concur Labs. Edited by Robert Crowe on behalf of the TFX team.Transformer models, especially the BERT model, have revolutionized NLP and broken new ground on tasks such as
  • TensorFlow Roadshow Videos available in Spanish [Videos de la gira global de TensorFlow disponibles en español]

    vom 570.22 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Wolff Dobson, TensorFlow Developer RelationsThis article is published both in Spanish and English.Como parte de nuestra gira global de TensorFlow, miembros del equipo de TensorFlow viajaron a Latinoamérica para conocer a desarrolladores locales y co
  • Introducing the Model Garden for TensorFlow 2

    vom 550.32 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Jaeyoun Kim, Technical Program Manager, and Jing Li, Software EngineerWe would like to introduce an update to the Model Garden that provides TensorFlow users a centralized place to find code examples for state-of-the-art models and reusable modeling librar
  • Quantization Aware Training with TensorFlow Model Optimization Toolkit - Performance with Accuracy

    vom 413.3 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by the TensorFlow Model Optimization teamWe are excited to release the Quantization Aware Training (QAT) API as part of the TensorFlow Model Optimization Toolkit. QAT enables you to train and deploy models with the performance and size benefits of qu
  • TensorFlow 2.0 on Azure: Fine-tuning BERT for question tagging

    vom 383.96 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    This post is co-authored by Abe Omorogbe, Program Manager, Azure Machine Learning, and John Wu, Program Manager, Azure Machine Learning Congratulations to the TensorFlow community on the release of TensorFlow 2.0! In this blog, we aim to highlight some of the ways that Azure can streamline
  • Introducing the WebAssembly backend for TensorFlow.js

    vom 369.09 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Daniel Smilkov, Nikhil Thorat, and Ann Yuan, Software Engineers at GoogleWe’re happy to announce that TensorFlow.js now provides a WebAssembly (WASM) backend for both the browser and for Node.js! This backend is an alternative to the WebG
  • Higher accuracy on vision models with EfficientNet-Lite

    vom 367.56 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Renjie Liu, Software EngineerIn May 2019, Google released a family of image classification models called EfficientNet, which achieved state-of-the-art accuracy with an order of magnitude of fewer computations and parameters. If EfficientNet can run on edge
  • TensorFlow Extended (TFX): Using Apache Beam for large scale data processing

    vom 355.98 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by By Reza Rokni, Developer Advocate Google Cloud, on behalf of the TFX and Dataflow teamsTFX core mission is to allow models to be moved from research to production, creating and managing production pipelines. Many models will be built using large volumes of da
  • Distributed PCA using TFX

    vom 330.31 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Guest post by Hamza Tahir of maiot, along with Robert Crowe and Tris Warkentin on behalf of the TFX teamIntroductionPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA) is a dimensionality reduction technique, useful in many different machine learning scenarios. In essence, PCA red
  • PhotoBooth Lite on Raspberry Pi with TensorFlow Lite

    vom 330.02 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Lucia Li, TensorFlow Lite InternIllustration of the Smart Photo Booth application running in real time.We’re excited to showcase the experience of building a Smart Photo Booth application on Raspberry Pi with TensorFlow (we're not open-sourcing the code yet). It can capture smiling faces and re
  • Create and manage Azure Pipelines from the command line

    vom 323.95 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    We recently introduced a unified YAML experience in Azure Pipelines where you can configure pipelines to do CI, CD or CI and CD together. Over the past few months we have been building capability to manage YAML backed pipelines from the command line

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