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Working from Home Pt.1: Pimp Myself

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    Posted by Google Developer Studio Today is International Women’s Day and we’re kicking off the celebration with a profile series featuring 20 tech trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the developer community. Many of the women we s
  • Thank You GNU/Linux, I love you <3

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    Hello Everyone, After 2 years of GNU/Linux adventure, I would like to tell how I got into this amazing community. ​ It was a cold night and I was on my Windows PC, browsing stuff on the internet talking with my friends over Steam and then while br
  • My Journey from Windows and Fedora

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    Last fall I had pretty much had it with Windows on my personal laptop. The start up times were slow, the forced updates at the most inconvenient times, the constant freezes, the extremely slow processing of even the most menial tasks, the poor batte
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    BarbaraHudson writes: The Register is reporting that Alexandre Cazes, the 25-year-old Canadian running the dark web site AlphaBay, was using a hotmail address easily connected to him via his Linkdin profile to administer the site. From the report: "[A]ccording
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    Posted by Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist; Grant Erickson, Principal Engineer; Kevin Po, Product ManagerGoogle is announcing Project Connected Home over IP, a new Working Group alongside industry partners such as Amazon, Apple and the Zigbee Allianc
  • The Best Medical Alert Systems

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    Best Overall - Works at home and on the go - 30-day free trial Works at home and on the go 30-day free trial No hidden fees Great starter equipment No hidden fees Great starter equipment Included fall detection 5 location technologies Included fall detecti
  • Developer Preview of Local Home SDK

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    Posted by Toni Klopfenstein Recently at Google I/O, we gave you a sneak peek at our new Local Home SDK, a suite of local technologies to enhance your smart home integrations. Today, the SDK is live as a developer preview. We've been working hard testing the platform with our partners, including GE, LIFX
  • Local Home SDK Ready for Actions

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    Posted by Dave Smith, Developer AdvocateLast year we introduced the developer preview of the Local Home SDK, a suite of local technologies to enhance your smart home integration with Google Assistant by adding local fulfillment. Since then, we've been hard at work incorporating your feedback and getting the experience ready for production.
  • Young Men Are Working Less. Some Economists Think It's Because They're Home Playing Video Games.

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    Video games are instrumental in understanding why younger men are working fewer hours, according to a paper published Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research. From an article: By 2015, American men 31 to 55 were working about 163 fewer hours
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    TL,DR: Debian Bullseye is working on my Chromebook Asus C300 Bay Trail QUAWKS - soundcard almost working out of the box. Background: there's a fair number of chromebooks and chromeboxes that reached end of ChromeOS support and a fair number of chromeb* ow
  • Being stalked & harrassed; how can I protect myself?

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    I am in an unusual predicament. My husband owns a company and is in the middle of a bitter dispute with an ex-employee. We have worked through all disputes within the court system, the ex-employee lost, and now he is retaliating and attempting to e
  • Long Working Days Can Cause Heart Problems, Study Says

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    According to a major new study, long days at the office can be bad for your heart. While the risk of stroke is increased from working too many hours in the office, it seems that working more than 55 hours a week means a 40% higher chance of developing

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