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❈ Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch Launched: Price, Specifications, Sale and Availability Details

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Amazfit X
Huami has launched a new Amazfit X smartwatch with a curved AMOLED panel.  The latest wearable from the company comes with a 24×7 heart rate tracker, 5ATM water resistance, and a blood oxygen saturation sensor. The Huami Amazfit X price is set at $315.17, which is around (₹23,860,777 INR)  in India.

Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch Launched

Amazfit, one of the companies in which Xiaomi participates, has announced the sale of its most spectacular watch, the Amazfit X.
The Amazfit range of watches has become one of the most popular on the market, with a very varied range. The brand has recently launched various models, such as the Amazfit Bip S, The Xiaomi ecosystem brand now leaves us with its new and most spectacular watch, the Amazfit X.
The Amazfit X is a smartwatch with a curved screen
This modern and bold design is very interesting, with a larger screen, with more information on it, but that makes it an ideal watch when doing sports, but also that we can wear it while we work.

Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch:

These are the Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch features:
  1. A Stylish Design and Packed with the Newest Tech
  2. A Bigger Display for your Stats
  3. Button Free Design with Pressure-Sensitive Button
  4. 7-Days Battery Life.
  5. Magnetic Charging Cable
  6. Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring from Anywhere
  7. Double GPS systems in one Watch (GPS+GLONASS)
  8. Versatile Sports Modes
  9. Splash & Swimproof
  10. Personalized Health & Fitness Tracking
  11. Measures your Blood Oxygen Levels
  12. Track & Improves your Sleep
  13. Monitor your Stress Levels
  14. Natural Feeling Vibrations
  15. Customized Watch Faces

Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch Features

An Innovative Design with a Heart Rate Monitor

AmazfitX with An Innovative Design with a Heart Rate Monitor
The fact that the screen of this Amazfit X is curved or foldable, allows it to occupy a larger surface. As the brand introduces a 2.07-inch-size color AMOLED panel into this watch. This larger size allows more information to be displayed on it, 250% more information, according to the brand itself. From data on the physical state, time, or notifications from phone applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger, among others.
It is also a button-free design, taking inspiration from current phones, which are committed to minimizing buttons. The absence of buttons or a crown makes it much more comfortable to wear at all times. In addition, the design allows it to fit the wrist of any user without any problem, for maximum comfort.
As usual, the watch is in charge of keeping track of our physical activity. In addition to the usual functions (counting steps, active minutes, calories burned, and having various sport modes), it also has a function that measures the user's heart rate. Using an algorithm developed by the brand, there is an ECG (Electrocardiogram) integrated with BioTracker, which can detect abnormalities in the user's heart rhythm. It will also track the user's sleep.
This monitor in the Amazfit X will be in charge of measuring your heart rate 24 hours a day, constantly. This will also allow monitoring over time, which can be helpful in detecting problems. It is a monitor that also stands out for its operating precision. The watch also has a function to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, as well as a way to detect the level of stress and help you relax in case it is high. It will protect your health in the best way.

Various sport modes and big battery

The battery will be another of the strengths of this Amazfit X. According to the brand, the battery of this watch will give autonomy of seven days, while actions such as heart rate control and user activity are carried out, so you can use it for several days with its main functions activated, without the need to charge it.
To achieve autonomy and a good-sized battery, the brand's engineers opted for a curved battery, which allows it to be equipped with greater capacity, while also maintaining the design of the watch.
Charging is done with a magnetic charger, a system used in many smartwatches.
Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch
As you would expect in such a watch, the Amazfit X features various sport modes. It has support for nine different sports, which are: swimming in the pool, walking, fitness in the gym, cycling indoors, cycling outdoors, swimming in open water, running outdoors, running indoors, and elliptical. You can configure the clock when doing sports so that everything is recorded.
This watch also has different faces for its screen, so you can personalize it and make it better match the moment you wear it, whether you're doing sports or going to work. A good way to adapt it to your day-to-day. With the app on the phone, you can control and configure everything you want from the watch.

Amazfit X Technical Specifications

Amazfit X Technical Specifications
  • Diagonal: 2.07 inches.
  • Resolution: 640 x 260 pixels.
  • Type: AMOLED.
  • Heart rate sensor, pedometer, gyroscope, compass.
  • GPS.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 205 mAh.
  • Up to 7 days of autonomy.
  • Charges with magnetic USB-A.
Sports monitoring9 different sports.
Water resistanceYes, (Up to 50 meters deep (5 ATM)).
Watch Dimensions22.6mm x 13.6mm.
Weight39 grams.
ColorsAvailable in both Black and Gold colors
Operating SystemAmazfit OS.

Price and availability

The Huami Amazfit X price is set at $315.17, which is around (₹23,860,777 INR) in India. Huami will start the shipping fitness band starting in August 2020. 

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Huami has launched a new Amazfit X smartwatch with a curved AMOLED panel.  The latest wearable from the company comes with a 24×7 heart rate tracker, 5ATM water resistance, and a blood oxygen saturation sensor. The Huami Amazfit X price is set at $315.17,

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