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  2. OnePlus reveals 5 new Community Features coming to OxygenOS, includes Always On Display


OnePlus reveals 5 new Community Features coming to OxygenOS, includes Always On Display

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Top 5 new Features that will add to OxygenOS

OnePlus reveals 5 new features that will add to OxygenOS

OnePlus has confirmed five new community features coming to future builds of OxygenOS that will include the much anticipated Always-on Display (AOD) is one of them.

The official announcement was made on OnePlus Forums by global community manager Trista W. In a blog post, she announced the features that are currently included in OxygenOS’ roadmap and also revealed the ideas that got rejected and won’t be part of OxygenOS in the near future.
OnePlus is one of the manufacturers that most lives up to pure Android, without forgetting the identity and customization of its user interface. In addition, it also works closely with its audience.
It is one of the brands that most listen to users on their forums, and in March launched the program it called IDEAS. Through this, she asked for suggestions for new features that may be included in OxygenOS in the future.
The first most popular feature was the Always-on Display (screen always on), and the brand ended up adding it to its list of features to add. In addition to this, four more well-loved features will soon be added to users.

What are the Top 5 New Features to be added in OxygenOS?

These are the new OxygenOS features that will transform your phone.
  1. Always-on display (display always on)
  2. Enable fingerprint sensor for photos hidden in the gallery
  3. Play sound when the battery is fully charged
  4. Folders within the app drawer
  5. Adding more essential features to Zen Mode.

OxygenOS Rejected Features

These are the full list of features that won’t come to OxygenOS down below:

  1. Edge notification light
  2. OnePlus Dex
  3. Call recording
  4. Google message for the stock SMS/RCS app
  5. Study mode
  6. API support for Gcam
  7. Improve the adaptive brightness
  8. Custom fingerprint animations
  9. Real-time weather wallpaper
  10. Real One Hand Mode
  11. AMOLED dark
  12. Boost capabilities of the alert slider
  13. An option to set battery charging limit to 80%
  14. Variable charging speed
  15. Allow users to choose which stock apps to install during set-up.
Moreover, OnePlus has not revealed the exact timeline for all the accepted features but we could expect them to be added gradually in the upcoming beta updates, followed by integration in the stable version of Oxygen OS.

Features were chosen from more than 5,000 ideas

These five features were approved after the manufacturer received more than 5,000 ideas, 25,000 likes, and more than 2,000 comments on its new IDEAS platform.

Some of the features rejected by the brand are what they called OnePlus Dex (desktop mode) since they believe that this is not the focus of its users.
Call recording is already available in some countries, but globalization has been declined as it may go against regulations in some countries.
It's good to see brands like OnePlus working close to what users want. Not all features are put into practice, but the adoption of some of them is already a principle.

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