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Smart Life: Coole Gadgets für unterwegs und zuhause

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Immer mehr Geräte lassen sich per App steuern. Wir stellen Ihnen die coolsten Technik-Spielereien der letzten Zeit vor....

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Democratizing Smart City solutions with Azure IoT Central

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One of the most dynamic landscapes embracing Internet of Things (IoT) is the modern city. As urbanization grows, city leaders are under increasing pressure to make cities safer, accessible, sustainable, and prosperous. Underlying all these important

How smart buildings can help combat climate change

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way governments and organizations tackle some of humanity’s thorniest challenges. In this three-part series, we looked first at common issues leaders must address to drive digital transformation in their cities. Next, we’ll be focusing on exciting, major applicat

You can play the Half-Life Collection for free until Half-Life: Alyx is out

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Get caught up on the events in the Half-Life universe. What you need to know Half-Life: Alyx is scheduled to release in March 2020. The Half-Life Collection is now free-to-play on Steam until until Half-Life: Alyx releases. The Half-Life Collection

New user features and developer tools to build the helpful home

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Posted by Michele Turner, Director of Product and Smart Home Ecosystem for Google NestTo create a helpful home experience, we have focused on foundational features necessary to make it easier for people to manage their smart devices. But as people spend m

Accelerating smart building solutions with cloud, AI, and IoT

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Throughout our Internet of Things (IoT) journey we’ve seen solutions evolve from device-centric models, to spatially-aware solutions that provide real-world context. Last year at Realcomm | IBcon, we announced Azure IoT’s vision for spatial intelligen

Actions on Google at I/O 2019: New tools for web, mobile, and smart home developers

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Posted by Chris Turkstra, Director, Actions on Google People are using the Assistant every day to get things done more easily, creating lots of opportunities for developers on this quickly growing platform. And we’ve heard from many of you that want easier ways to connect your content across the Assistant. At I/O, we’re announcing new sol

Linus Torvalds Now Reviews Gadgets On Google+

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An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet: If you know anything about Linus Torvalds, you know he's the mastermind and overlord of Linux. If you know him at all well, you know he's also an enthusiastic scuba diver and author of SubSurface, a do-it-all dive log

Consumers Are Holding Off On Buying Smart-Home Gadgets Due To Security, Privacy Fears

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According to a new survey from consulting firm Deloitte, consumers are uneasy about being watched, listened to, or tracked by devices they place in their homes. The firm found that consumer interest in connected home technology lags behind their interest

Developer Preview of Local Home SDK

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Posted by Toni Klopfenstein Recently at Google I/O, we gave you a sneak peek at our new Local Home SDK, a suite of local technologies to enhance your smart home integrations. Today, the SDK is live as a developer preview. We've been working hard testing the platform with our partners, including GE, LIFX

Every Half-Life Game Is Now Free On Steam

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With Half-Life: Alyx launching in March 2020, Valve is offering gamers the opportunity to play every Half-Life game on Steam for free. "This is basically a two-month-long trial; you won't get to keep these games," notes The Verge. "Every game is compatible

Linux-Smart-Enumeration - Linux Enumeration Tool For Pentesting And CTFs With Verbosity Levels

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First, a couple of useful oneliners ;)wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/diego-treitos/linux-smart-enumeration/master/lse.sh" -O lse.shcurl "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/diego-treitos/linux-smart-enumeration/master/lse.sh" -o lse.shlinux-smart-enumer

Scientists Have Laid Out a Plan To Search For Life in the Universe

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An anonymous reader shares a report: A blue-ribbon panel of researchers chaired by the University of Toronto's Barbara Sherwood Lollar assembled the report at the behest of the US Congress, which asked in a 2017 law that a "strategy for astrobiology"

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