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Alpha5 Smart Loader up to 4.1 Project File memory corruption

Exploits vom | Direktlink: vuldb.com Nachrichten Bewertung

A vulnerability has been found in Alpha5 Smart Loader up to 4.1 and classified as critical. Affected by this vulnerability is an unknown part. Upgrading to version 4.2 eliminates this vulnerability....

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warning: file /usr/lib/node_modules/npm/scripts/index-build.js: remove failed: No such file or directory warning: file

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Hello everyone , I have to update amazon linux server for partners, I encounter many warnings that there are no files or folders in nodejs like this, will it affect the system? , I think yum update has this warning because it didn't have any files or folde

Donut - Generates X86, X64, Or AMD64+x86 Position-Independent Shellcode That Loads .NET Assemblies, PE Files, And Other Windows Payloads From Memory

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Donut generates x86 or x64 shellcode from VBScript, JScript, EXE, DLL (including .NET Assemblies) files. This shellcode can be injected into an arbitrary Windows processes for in-memory execution. Given a supported file type, parameters and an entry point where

Privateloader Hacxx Mega Release 3 2020

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Hacxx Agent + Uploader (RESEARCH)https://www.file-up.org/mzw2j0drgjfh grepWinhttps://www.file-up.org/1vs9dtnpalla/grepWin.exe IPTV Portugal 2020 .m3u8https://www.file-up.org/0u9an4xtlcyr/IPT..._2020.m3u8 PTC Coin Maker V1http://www.mediafire.com/file/v

MemProcFS - The Memory Process File System

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The Memory Process File System is an easy and convenient way of accessing physical memory as files a virtual file system.Easy trivial point and click memory analysis without the need for complicated commandline arguments! Access memory content and artifacts via

Privateloader/Hacxx Mega Release 1 2020

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[IP LOGGER] IP2Email Link Generator - Discover a user ip address remotelyhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/658bvnm6h4...erator.rar [Ready to import] xxx trailers & movies Blog in a WXR File (Wordpress file)http://www.mediafire.com/file/v9p9m2vwpn...-01-07.xml [Site] Encurtador de li

Migrating a Sample WPF App to .NET Core 3 (Part 1)

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Olia recently wrote a post about how to port a WinForms app from .NET Framework to .NET Core. Today, I’d like to follow that up by walking through the steps to migrate a sample WPF app to .NET Core 3. Many of these steps will be familiar from Olia

Creating .NET Core global tools on macOS

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One of the really cool aspects about .NET Core is the support for global tools. You can use global tools to simplify common tasks during your development workflow. For example, you can create tools to minify image assets, simplify working with source contro

Android Studio 3.5 Beta

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Posted by Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android Android Studio 3.5 Beta is ready to download today. Last year, at Google I/O, we heard from many of you that you wanted us to focus even more on quality and stability over features. Consequently, we kicked off Project Marble, focused on making the fundamental features and flows of the Integrated Development Environment

Project-Black - Pentest/BugBounty Progress Control With Scanning Modules

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Scope control, scope scanner and progress tracker for easier working on a bug bounty or pentest project.What is this tool for?The tools encourages more methodical work on pentest/bugbounty, tracking the progress and general scans information.It can la

Strelka - Scanning Files At Scale With Python And ZeroMQ

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Strelka is a real-time file scanning system used for threat hunting, threat detection, and incident response. Based on the design established by Lockheed Martin's Laika BOSS and similar projects (see: related projects), Strelka's purpose is to perfor

Migrating a Sample WPF App to .NET Core 3 (Part 2)

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In part 1 of this blog series, I began the process of porting a sample WPF app to .NET Core. In that post, I described the .NET Core migration process as having four steps: We previously went through the first two steps – reviewing the app and its dep

Creating and Packaging a .NET Standard library

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In this post we will cover how you can create a .NET Standard library and then share that with other developers via NuGet. We will be demonstrating this with Visual Studio for Mac, but you can also follow along with Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code

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