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Archivbündnis zum State of the Art

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Die Active Archive Alliance, eine vor zehn Jahren ins Leben gerufene anbieterneutrale Initiative zur Entwicklung und Umsetzung moderner aktiver Archivierungsstrategien, hat im Juni die neuen Bericht „Active Archive and the State of the Industry 2020“ veröffentlicht. Der Report dokumentiert die gestiegene Nachfrage nach neuen Datenmanagementstrategien sowie Vorteile und Anwendungsfälle für aktive Archive....

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P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. by MaMe82 is a framework which turns a Rapsberry Pi Zero W into a flexible, low-cost platform for pentesting, red teaming and physical engagements ... or into "A Little Offensive Appliance".0. How to installThe latest image could be fo

Slither v0.6.7 - Static Analyzer For Solidity

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Slither is a Solidity static analysis framework written in Python 3. It runs a suite of vulnerability detectors, prints visual information about contract details, and provides an API to easily write custom analyses. Slither enables developers to fin

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Hello Guys. I am selling international mobile phone data and consumer data. I can provide you with data from 60 countries around the world. Part of my archive is as follows; USA CELL DB *55 MILLION RECORD* Email *Name *City *Zip *State *Country *Addres

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People naturally multitask on their devices. Whether they’re switching from app to app, bringing together apps on iPad using Slide Over or Split View, or creating multiple windows of the same app, they should be able to pick up right where they left of

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Posted by Khanh LeViet, Developer AdvocateTensorFlow Lite is the official framework to run inference with TensorFlow models on edge devices. TensorFlow Lite is deployed on more than 4 billions edge devices worldwide, supporting Android, iOS, Linux-based IoT devices and microcontrollers.Since first lau

What’s new in TensorFlow Lite from DevSummit 2020

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Async ValueTask Pooling in .NET 5

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The async/await feature in C# has revolutionized how developers targeting .NET write asynchronous code. Sprinkle some async and await around, change some return types to be tasks, and badda bing badda boom, you’ve got an asynchronous implementation.

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An anonymous reader shares an analysis: Last month, AI-generated art arrived on the world auction stage under the auspices of Christie's, proving that artificial intelligence can not only be creative but also produce world class works of art -- another

State Board Concedes It Violated Free Speech Rights of Oregon Man Fined For Writing 'I Am An Engineer'

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According to Oregon Live, "A state panel violated a Beaverton man's free speech rights by claiming he had unlawfully used the title 'engineer' and by fining him when he repeatedly challenged Oregon's traffic-signal timing before local media and policymakers,

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Oregon Becomes Second State To Pass a Net Neutrality Law

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from KATU: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Monday withholding state business from internet providers who throttle traffic, making the state the second to finalize a proposal aimed at thwarting moves by federal

Qubits in Q#

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How should qubits be represented in a quantum programming language? In the quantum circuit model, a quantum computation is represented as a sequence of operations, sometimes known as gates, applied to a set of qubits. This leads to pictures such as:

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