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  2. Facebook sperrt Profile radikaler Bolsonaro-Anhänger weltweit


Facebook sperrt Profile radikaler Bolsonaro-Anhänger weltweit

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Facebook sperrte die Profile radikaler Anhänger des brasilianischen Präsidenten Bolsonaro nach Erhöhung der Strafen nun auch außerhalb Brasiliens....

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Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Tests Positive for Covid-19 After Months of Dismissing the Seriousness of the Virus

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for Covid-19, following months of downplaying the virus. From a report: Bolsonaro himself announced the result, speaking on Brazilian TV channels Tuesday. "Everyone knew that it would reach a considerable

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Our customers tell us that they like to keep their browsing data separate as they take on various roles in their lives. For people at home working from their own devices, this is particularly important. Microsoft Edge’s “Profiles” feature is a grea

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Posted by Google Developer Studio Today is International Women’s Day and we’re kicking off the celebration with a profile series featuring 20 tech trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the developer community. Many of the women we s

Facebook sperrt Profile radikaler Bolsonaro-Anhänger weltweit

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Facebook sperrte die Profile radikaler Anhänger des brasilianischen Präsidenten Bolsonaro nach Erhöhung der Strafen nun auch außerhalb Brasiliens.

Brazil Says It Will Reject Millions in Amazon Aid Pledged at G7

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Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has ruled out accepting a G7 offer of aid to fight fires in the Amazon rainforest unless he gets an apology from his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron. From a report: Hours after leaders of some of the world's wealthiest

Awspx - A Graph-Based Tool For Visualizing Effective Access And Resource Relationships In AWS Environments

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auspex [ˈau̯s.pɛks] noun: An augur of ancient Rome, especially one who interpreted omens derived from the observation of birds.awspx is a graph-based tool for visualizing effective access and resource relationships within AWS. It resolves policy inf

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A project to speed up the process of reviewing an AWS account's IAM configuration. Purpose The goal of the AWS IAM auth system is to apply and enforce access controls on actions and resources in AWS. This tool helps identify if the policies in place will ac

Gezielt Desinformation verbreitet: Facebook sperrt Bolsonaro-Team und Ex-Trump-Berater

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"Desinformationsnetzwerk" brasilianischer Konten – Roger Stone soll gefälschte Anhänger genutzt haben $(document).ready(function() { onYouTubePlayerAPIReadyByID('https://images.derstandard.at/img/2020/07/09/bolsonaro-reuters-.jpg'); });

Improving app performance with ART optimizing profiles in the cloud

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Posted by Calin Juravle, Software Engineer In Android Pie we launched ART optimizing profiles in Play Cloud, a new optimization feature that greatly improves the application startup time after a new install or update. On average, we have observed that apps start 15% faster (cold startup) across a variety of devices.

Would Facebook and Cambridge Analytica be in Breach of GDPR?

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The Cambridge Analytica (CA) and Facebook accusations over the U.S. 2016 presidential election campaign, and to a lesser extent between CA and the UK's Brexit VoteLeave campaign, are -- if proven true -- morally reprehensible. It is not immediately cle

Bolsonaro kritisiert Facebook wegen Kontensperren

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Brasiliens Präsident ortet "Verfolgung" und sieht Pressefreiheit bedroht – Facebook sperrte "Desinformationsnetzwerk" $(document).ready(function() { onYouTubePlayerAPIReadyByID('https://images.derstandard.at/img/2020/07/10/bolsonaro.jpg'); });

Facebook und Twitter sperrten Konten von bekannten Bolsonaro-Unterstützern

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Nach einer Untersuchung wegen der möglichen Verbreitung von Desinformationen wurde die Sperrung verordnet $(document).ready(function() { onYouTubePlayerAPIReadyByID('https://images.derstandard.at/img/2020/07/25/bolsonaro.jpg'); });

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