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  2. Google Assistant gewinnt: Cortana gibt auf, wann auch Bixby?


Google Assistant gewinnt: Cortana gibt auf, wann auch Bixby?

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Obwohl das Google-Ökosystem auf nahezu allen Android-Smartphones fest ab Werk integriert ist, gab es zu diverse Apps Alternativen – die aber scheiterten. Microsoft hat auch mobil versucht, den eigenen Sprachassistenten Cortana durchzusetzen, doch ......

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After 3 months, Samsung announced that the voice capabilities of its digital assistant are now rolling out to U.S. Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners. Now, if you happen to own a Galaxy S8 or S8+, the physical Bixby button on the lefthand side of your phone will

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CES isn't the only big conference to hit in January 2020. The following week, from January 13-17, an army of voice platforms, developers, analysts, and media will descend on Chattanooga, Tennessee to exchange ideas and strategies

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When the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ went on sale in the North American market, it was missing one of its most touted features -- the Bixby smart assistant. Technically, it was available on launch day but its voice functionality was missing due to issues

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