Netflix-Doku "The Social Dilemma": Sozialer Sprengstoff aus dem Silicon Valley

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Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords May-2020 (100% Working)

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Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords 2020 (100% Working) Founded in 1997, Netflix Inc. becomes one of the world's most famous leading streaming entertainment service with more than 183 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, NETFL

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Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords-2020 {100% Working} Free Working Netflix Accounts 2020: This article is for the users who are frequently searching for free Netflix premium accounts or if you are not interested to buy Netflix or to upgrade Netflix to pr

Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley

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An anonymous reader shares a New York Times report: In recent months, a growing number of tech leaders have been flirting with the idea of leaving Silicon Valley. Some cite the exorbitant cost of living in San Francisco and its suburbs, where even a million-dollar

Netflix seems broken again with Firefox on Linux

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Netflix on Linux with Firefox has been working fine for months without issue, and today started throwing the F7121-1331 error code. The "technical" page on this error simply recommends upgrading or trying another browser. Thinking that Netflix might want to k

Nine Out of Every 10 Silicon Valley Jobs Pays Less Than In 1997, Report Finds

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Mercury News: Nine out of every 10 Silicon Valley jobs pays less now than when Netflix first launched in 1997, despite one of the nation's strongest economic booms and a historically low unemployment rate that

The American Midwest Is Quickly Becoming a Blue-Collar Version of Silicon Valley

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: The economic engine of Silicon Valley seems to have driven right by the midwest. America's urban coastal cities have enjoyed an explosion in their technology sectors. New York's Silicon Alley and Boston's

How to Fix: "We were unable to process your request"~Netflix Site Error

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"We were unable to process your request"~Netflix Site ErrorNetflix Site ErrorDo you ever noticed the problem when you streaming movies on Netflix it says,"Netflix Site Error ~We were unable to process your request.Please go to the Netflix home page by cli

Pando Editor Sells Site, Quits Journalism, Citing Sexual Harassment and Threats in Silicon Valley

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Former TechCrunch writer Sarah Lacy started PandoDaily in 2012. But now she's "selling the company, quitting journalism, and ditching Silicon Valley after 20 years," reports Business Insider, citing Lacy's blog. She says her decision comes from years

Facebook Rebuts Netflix Documentary 'The Social Dilemma'

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Facebook on Friday offered a rebuttal to the hit Netflix documentary-drama, "The Social Dilemma." The movie revealed, perhaps for the first time to some viewers, how social networks use algorithms to keep people coming back. It also addressed how tech

New Silicon Valley Extreme: The 2:30 a.m. Tech Bus From Salida

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In search of affordable housing, tech employees move all the way into the Central Valley. Private tech shuttles follow. From a report: It's 2:30 a.m. in the Central California farm town of Salida, and the only sound is the tech bus pulling into an unmarked

Peter Thiel Thinks There's Not Enough Sex In Silicon Valley

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Peter Thiel recently complained parts of Silicon Valley are "hyper-politically correct" about sexual activity, and shared a friend's theory that conservative parts of America tolerate Silicon Valley "because people there just don't have that much sex.

Did Silicon Valley Lose The Race To Build Self-Driving Cars?

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schwit1 quotes Autoblog: Up until very recently the talk in Silicon Valley was about how the tech industry was going to broom Detroit into the dustbin of history. Companies such as Apple, Google, and Uber -- so the thinking went -- were going to out

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