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❈ Unlocking IAM's Nokia G-240W-A router

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PMapper - A Tool For Quickly Evaluating IAM Permissions In AWS

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A project to speed up the process of reviewing an AWS account's IAM configuration. Purpose The goal of the AWS IAM auth system is to apply and enforce access controls on actions and resources in AWS. This tool helps identify if the policies in place will ac

Cloudsplaining - An AWS IAM Security Assessment Tool That Identifies Violations Of Least Privilege And Generates A Risk-Prioritized Report

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Cloudsplaining is an AWS IAM Security Assessment tool that identifies violations of least privilege and generates a risk-prioritized HTML report.Example reportDocumentationFor full documentation, please visit the project on ReadTheDocs.InstallationCheat sheetExample reportO

CloudSploit Scans - AWS Security Scanning Checks

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CloudSploit scans is an open-source project designed to allow detection of security risks in an AWS account. These scripts are designed to run against an AWS account and return a series of potential misconfigurations and security risks. InstallationEnsur

Terraform AWS Secure Baseline - Terraform Module To Set Up Your AWS Account With The Secure Baseline Configuration Based On CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations

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Terraform Module RegistryA terraform module to set up your AWS account with the reasonably secure configuration baseline. Most configurations are based on CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations v1.2.0.See Benchmark Compliance to check which items in C

Aaia - AWS Identity And Access Management Visualizer And Anomaly Finder

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Aaia (pronounced as shown here ) helps in visualizing AWS IAM and Organizations in a graph format with help of Neo4j. This helps in identifying the outliers easily. Since it is based on neo4j , one can query the graph using cypher queries to find the anoma

Nokia 9.3 PureView will feature a 120Hz Display, 108MP Primary Camera and more

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Nokia's upcoming flagship (Nokia 9.3 PureView) will come with a 108MP rear camera, 120Hz display, Snapdragon 865, and more.Nokia 9.3 PureViewTech firm Nokia's upcoming flagship "Nokia 9.3 PureView" will reportedly to be launch in the second half of this year, and

MindShaRE: Hardware Reversing with the TP-Link TL-WR841N Router

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In early 2019, we received a bug submission from a new researcher affecting the TP-Link TL-WR841N Router. While this vulnerability is still in disclosure phase, we would like to share lessons learned when we were vetting this submission. TL-WR841N

Mit Android One und Go: Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1 und Nokia 2.1 vorgestellt

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Nokia-Lizenznehmer HMD Global hat in Russland neue Android Oreo-Smartphones vorgestellt. Die Modelle Nokia 2.1, Nokia 3.1 und Nokia 5.1 kosten zwischen 115 und 189 Euro und sind ab Juni in Deutschland erhältlich. Auf den Geräten ist Android One beziehungsweise

Microsoft Azure portal December 2018 update

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This post was co-authored by Leon Welicki, Principal Group PM Manager, Microsoft Azure. This month we’re bringing updates to help improve the usability of creating and managing virtual machines in Azure, updates to Security Center, and an improve

TOR Router - A Tool That Allow You To Make TOR Your Default Gateway And Send All Internet Connections Under TOR

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Tor Router allow you to use TOR as a transparent proxy and send all your trafic under TOR INCLUDING DNS REQUESTS, the only that you need is: a system using systemd (if you want to use the service) and tor.Script to install on distros using SystemD

SkyWrapper - Tool That Helps To Discover Suspicious Creation Forms And Uses Of Temporary Tokens In AWS

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SkyWrapper is an open-source project which analyzes behaviors of temporary tokens created in a given AWS account. The tool is aiming to find suspicious creation forms and uses of temporary tokens to detect malicious activity in the account. The tool analyz

TOR Router- To Use As Transparent Proxy And Send Traffic Under TOR

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TOR Router- A tool that allow you to make TOR your default gateway and send all internet connections under TOR (as transparent proxy) for increase privacy/anonymity without extra unnecessary code.Tor Router allow you to use TOR as a transparent proxy and send all your tra

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