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❈ CDK - Zero Dependency Container Penetration Toolkit

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CDK is an open-sourced container penetration toolkit, designed for offering stable exploitation in different slimmed containers without any OS dependency. It comes with useful net-tools and many powerful PoCs/EXPs helps you to escape container and takeover K8s cluster easily.

Currently still under development, submit issues or mail [email protected] if you need any help.


Download latest release in: https://github.com/cdk-team/CDK/releases/

Drop executable files into target container and start testing.

cdk evaluate [--full]
cdk run (--list | <exploit> [<args>...])
cdk auto-escape <cmd>
cdk <tool> [<args>...]

cdk evaluate Gather information to find weakness inside container.
cdk evaluate --full Enable file scan during information gathering.

cdk run --list List all available exploits.
cdk run <exploit> [<args>...] Run single exploit, docs in https://github.com/cdk-team/CDK/wiki

Auto Escape:
cdk auto-escape <cmd> Escape container in different ways then let target execute <cmd>.

vi <file> Edit files in container like "vi" command.
ps Show process information like "ps -ef" command.
nc [options] Create TCP tunnel.
ifconfig Show network information.
kcurl <path> (get|post) <uri> <data> Make request to K8s api-server.
ucurl (get|post) <socket> <uri> <data> Make request to docker unix socket.
probe <ip> <port> <parallel> <timeout-ms> TCP port scan, example: cdk probe 80,8080-9443 50 1000

-h --help Show this help msg.
-v --version Show version.


CDK have three modules:

  1. Evaluate: gather information inside container to find potential weakness.
  2. Exploit: for container escaping, persistance and lateral movement
  3. Tool: network-tools and APIs for TCP/HTTP requests, tunnels and K8s cluster management.

Evaluate Module


cdk evaluate [--full]

This command will run the scripts below without local file scanning, using --full to enable all.

Tactics Script Supported Usage/Example
Information Gathering OS Basic Info
Information Gathering Available Capabilities
Information Gathering Available Linux Commands
Information Gathering Mounts
Information Gathering Net Namespace
Information Gathering Sensitive ENV
Information Gathering Sensitive Process
Information Gathering Sensitive Local Files
Discovery K8s Api-server Info
Discovery K8s Service-account Info
Discovery Cloud Provider Metadata API

Exploit Module

List all available exploits:

cdk run --list

Run targeted exploit:

cdk run <script-name> [options]
Tactic Technique CDK Exploit Name Supported Doc
Escaping docker-runc CVE-2019-5736 runc-pwn
Escaping docker-cp CVE-2019-14271
Escaping containerd-shim CVE-2020-15257 shim-pwn
Escaping dirtycow CVE-2016-5159
Escaping docker.sock PoC (DIND attack) docker-sock-check
Escaping docker.sock Backdoor Image Deploy docker-sock-deploy
Escaping Device Mount Escaping mount-disk
Escaping Cgroups Escaping mount-cgroup
Escaping Procfs Escaping mount-procfs
Escaping Ptrace Escaping PoC check-ptrace
Discovery K8s Component Probe service-probe
Discovery Dump Istio Sidecar Meta istio-check
Lateral Movement K8s Service Account Control
Lateral Movement Attack K8s api-server
Lateral Movement Attack K8s Kubelet
Lateral Movement Attack K8s Dashboard
Lateral Movement Attack K8s Helm
Lateral Movement Attack K8s Etcd
Lateral Movement Attack Private Docker Registry
Remote Control Reverse Shell reverse-shell
Credential Access Access Key Scanning ak-leakage
Credential Access Dump K8s Secrets k8s-secret-dump
Credential Access Dump K8s Config k8s-configmap-dump
Persistence Deploy WebShell
Persistence Deploy Backdoor Pod k8s-backdoor-daemonset
Persistence Deploy Shadow K8s api-server k8s-shadow-apiserver
Persistence K8s MITM Attack (CVE-2020-8554) k8s-mitm-clusterip
Persistence Deploy K8s CronJob
Defense Evasion Disable K8s Audit

Tool Module

Running commands like in Linux, little different in input-args, see the usage link.

cdk nc [options]
cdk ps
Command Description Supported Usage/Example
nc TCP Tunnel
ps Process Information
ifconfig Network Information
vi Edit Files
kcurl Request to K8s api-server
dcurl Request to Docker HTTP API
ucurl Request to Docker Unix Socket
rcurl Request to Docker Registry API
probe IP/Port Scanning

Developer Docs

  1. Echo loader for delivering CDK into target container via Web RCE.
  2. EDR defense evasion.
  3. Compile optimization.
  4. Dev docs


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