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❈ Everything you should know about Rust on console

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Put your survival skills to the test in this player dominated open-world survival game where there are no rules. Rust is finally making its way to consoles after being only on PC for many years. Rust originally launched way back in December 2013 as an early access title on Steam and launched as a full title in February 2018. Rust is renowned for being a harsh and chaotic open-world survival game where other players can be absolutely relentless. But what else is in store? Here's what you need to know. Jump to: What is Rust? Singleplayer mode? Difference between Console and PC Where can I play Rust? Rust Console Edition: What you should know Rust is an open-world survival multiplayer game that first launched through Steam on PC back in early 2018. It had a long period in early access — five years to be exact. The objective in Rust is simply to survive the harsh land. Unfortunately, this harsh land is filled with deadly creatures. Even worse, is that the game is filled w......

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Rust in the Linux kernel

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Posted by Wedson Almeida Filho, Android Team In our previous post, we announced that Android now supports the Rust programming language for developing the OS itself. Related to this, we are also participating in the effort to evaluate the use of Rust as a supported language fo

Integrating Rust Into the Android Open Source Project

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Posted by Ivan Lozano, Android TeamThe Android team has been working on introducing the Rust programming language into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) since 2019 as a memory-safe alternative for platform native code development. As with any large project, intro

Rust/C++ interop in the Android Platform

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Posted by Joel Galenson and Matthew Maurer, Android Team One of the main challenges of evaluating Rust for use within the Android platform was ensuring we could provide sufficient interoperability with our existing codebase. If Rust is to meet its goal

Introducing the new Google Play Console beta

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Posted by Tom Grinsted, Product Manager, Google Play Console Over the years, we’ve seen our community grow to well over a million developers, from one-person shops to companies with hundreds of Google Play Console users. As you’ve grown, Play Con

P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. - Framework Which Turns A Rapsberry Pi Zero W Into A Flexible, Low-Cost Platform For Pentesting, Red Teaming And Physical Engagements

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P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. by MaMe82 is a framework which turns a Rapsberry Pi Zero W into a flexible, low-cost platform for pentesting, red teaming and physical engagements ... or into "A Little Offensive Appliance".0. How to installThe latest image could be fo

Rust 1.31 Released As 'Rust 2018' In Major Push For Backwards Compatibility

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"The Rust programming language team has announced the first major edition of Rust since 1.0 was released in 2015," reports SD Times -- specifically, Rust 1.31, the first edition of "Rust 2018," described by Rust's developers as "the culmination of feature

Finshir - A Coroutines-Driven Low And Slow Traffic Sender, Written In Rust

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You are seeing a high-performant, coroutines-driven, and fully customisable implementation of Low & Slow load generator designed for real-world pentesting. You can easily torify/proxify it using various platform-dependent utilities. Demonstration Advantages Coroutines-driven. Finshir uses coroutines (also called lightweight threads) instead of ordinary threads, which lets you open many more conne

Getting Started with Distributed TensorFlow on GCP

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Posted by Nikita Namjoshi, Machine Learning Solutions Engineer For many in the world of data science, distributed training can seem a daunting task. In addition to building and thoughtfully evaluating a high-quality ML model, you have to be aware of h

Get smart about preparing your app for OAuth verification

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Posted by Nafis Zebarjadi, Product Manager and Adam Dawes, Senior Product Manager Project Strobe was started to help users have control over their data while giving developers more explicit rules of the road to ensure everyone is confident that their data is secure. One result of this effort has been to expand our app verification program to cover

Findomain v0.9.3 - The Fastest And Cross-Platform Subdomain Enumerator

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The fastest and cross-platform subdomain enumerator.What Findomain can do?It table gives you a idea why you should use findomain and what it can do for you. The domain used for the test was aol.com in the following BlackArch virtual machine:Host: KVM/QEMU

Celebrating International Women’s Day with 20 tech trailblazers

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Posted by Google Developer Studio Today is International Women’s Day and we’re kicking off the celebration with a profile series featuring 20 tech trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the developer community. Many of the women we s

console-io bis 2.2.13 auf Node.js Web Console schwache Authentisierung

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In console-io bis 2.2.13 auf Node.js wurde eine Schwachstelle gefunden. Sie wurde als kritisch eingestuft. Betroffen ist eine unbekannte Funktion der Komponente Web Console. Mit der Manipulation mit einer unbekannten Eingabe kann eine schwache Authentisie

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