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A vulnerability, which was classified as problematic, has been found in SPIFFE SPIRE up to 0.8.4/0.9.3/0.10.1/0.11.2/0.12.0. Affected by this issue is an unknown code of the component Node Attestor. Upgrading to version 0.11.3 or 0.12.1 eliminates this vulnerability....

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Table of Contents About Node Singly Linked List Constructor Print all nodes 1. Append 2. Get 3. Set 4. Prepend 5. Insert 6. Pop First 7. Pop Last 8. Remove Time Complexity A singly linked list is a linear data structure that consists of a sequ

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Posted by Minji Yoon, Research Intern, and Bryan Perozzi, Research Scientist, Google Research, Graph Mining Team Industrial applications of machine learning are commonly composed of various items that have differing data modalities or feature distributions. Heterogeneous graphs (HGs) offer a unified view of these multimodal data systems by defining multiple types of nodes (for each data type) and edges (for the relation between data ite

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CVE-2021-27077: Selecting Bitmaps into Mismatched Device Contexts

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In March 2021, Microsoft released a patch to correct a vulnerability in the Windows GDI subsystem. The bug could allow an attacker to execute code with escalated privileges. This vulnerability was reported to the ZDI program by security researcher Marc

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Photo by Clarisse Croset on UnsplashLearning discrete node embeddingsIn this post, I want to present discrete graph node embeddings as part of my series on machine learning on graphs (part 1, part 2, part 3). In particular, it also discusses my last research paper

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Venom is a multi-hop proxy tool developed for penetration testers using Go. You can use venom to easily proxy network traffic to a multi-layer intranet, and easily manage intranet nodes.Features network topology multi-hop socks5 proxy multi-hop port forward port r

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Algorithms are one of the most common themes in coding interviews. In order to gain an advantage in interviews, it is important to be very familiar with the top algorithms and their implementations. In today’s tutorial, we will be exploring graph alg

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