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❈ Cyberstalking: Wer Jungs und Mädels digital nachstellt, kommt künftig ins Gefängnis! | RA Solmecke

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Build Realtime Apps | React Js, Golang & RethinkDB

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What Will I Learn? Know how to Setup Development Environments for Reactjs and Go Experience Structuring Reactjs and Go Applications Understand How to create Reactjs base Web Applications Know How To Use Websockets to communicate between Server and Browse

Judge Says Washington State Cyberstalking Law Violates Free Speech

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A federal judge has blocked Washington State's 2004 cyberstalking law after ruling that a key provision violated First Amendment protections for free speech due to vague terms. "Its prohibitions against speech meant to 'harass, intimidate, torment or

Cyberstalking: Wer Jungs und Mädels digital nachstellt, kommt künftig ins Gefängnis! | RA Solmecke

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What Cyberstalking Is and How to Prevent It

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When carried out sensibly and securely, communication through social networks and other online public forums can be beneficial, both socially and professionally. However, if you’re not careful, it can lead to numerous undesirable consequences, one of

7th Former eBay Employee Charged In Cyberstalking Campaign Targeting Natick Couple

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A seventh former eBay employee is now facing federal charges in connection with a cyberstalking campaign that allegedly targeted a Natick couple who wrote critical content about the company in its newsletter. From a report: Philip Cooke, 55, of San Jose,

Crypton - Library Consisting Of Explanation And Implementation Of All The Existing Attacks On Various Encryption Systems, Digital Signatures, Hashing Algorithms

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Crypton is an educational library to learn and practice Offensive and Defensive Cryptography. It is basically a collection of explanation and implementation of all the existing vulnerabilities and attacks on various Encryption Systems (Symmetric and Asymmetric), Digital Signatures, Message Authentication Codes and Authenticated

The Rise of an Overlooked Crime – Cyberstalking

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Cyberstalking is one of the most overlooked crimes. This is exactly why it is among the fastest growing crimes in the world. Learn all there is about cyberstalking here. The internet has been a blessing since its inception. The very concept of globalization ha

Ex-NASA contractor pleaded guilty for cyberstalking crimes

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A former NASA contractor has pleaded guilty for a cyberstalking scheme, the man blackmailed seven women threatening to publish their nude pictures. Richard Bauer (28), an ex-NASA contractor has pleaded guilty for a cyberstalking, the man allegedly th

Six Former eBay Employees Charged in Federal Cyberstalking Case Targeting Natick Couple

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Six eBay employees including a former police captain in California last year engaged in a relentless campaign of harassment and cyberstalking of a Natick couple that published a newsletter critical of the online retailer, sending items including fly larvae,

Digital Signature Hijack - Binaries, PowerShell Scripts And Information About Digital Signature Hijacking

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Hijacking legitimate digital signatures is a technique that can be used during red team assessments in order to sign PowerShell code and binaries. This could assist to bypass Device Guard restrictions and maintain stealthy in an engagement. DigitalSignatureHija

Accelerating smart building solutions with cloud, AI, and IoT

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Throughout our Internet of Things (IoT) journey we’ve seen solutions evolve from device-centric models, to spatially-aware solutions that provide real-world context. Last year at Realcomm | IBcon, we announced Azure IoT’s vision for spatial intelligen

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 37

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 163 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below: Applications Accela Civic Platform and Civic Applications: Accela's fast-

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