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❈ **STUPID RANT NOT WORTH READING ** anyone else think windows 10 is kinda spooky?

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i remember the old days (up to windows 7 or 8) when you could verbose boot and see (at least partially) what your system was doing upon bootup. win10 removed this feature and now the boot screen consists of “please wait” circling dots i wish i could rip off the stupid metro UI and see what sort of ominous things windows is doing behind it. too bad the windows kernel + user-land cant be separated from the UI.

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How come this file isn't being detected as virus anywhere?

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I'm pretty sure I have a virus but no antivirus is detecting it: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1b5e7860c517ad4c70eb750e0f0eecd43a1cf90df3adc4b5195242ef8944e9e1/detection dazhgerttcbfjuvehjnud.exe files along with dazhgerttcbfjuvehjnud.txt files created inside folders with the same name all over my thumb drives (but not inside my local

UACME - Defeating Windows User Account Control

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Defeating Windows User Account Control by abusing built-in Windows AutoElevate backdoor. System Requirements x86-32/x64 Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (client, some methods however works on server version too). Admin account with UAC set on default settings required. UsageRun executable from command line: akagi32 [Key] [Param] or akagi64 [Key] [Param]. See "Run examples" below for more info.

String comparison

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I want to create a script that gets the hardware id and board id on a mac, then save them as variables: hwModel=$( sysctl hw.model | awk '{ print $2 }' )boardID=$( ioreg -l | awk -F" '/board-id/ { print $4 }' ) I then want to use if else statements to

Help needed with running Python script that uses Selenium

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Hey all, I'm trying to use a tool that I successfully used on Ubuntu now that I've swapped that out for Parrot. I ended up jumping over to Parrot for all of the included security tools but it's shot me in the foot and I'm hoping you can help. I'm pr

Fake Users Rave but Real Users Rant as Apps on Google Play Deal Aggressive Adware

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Bitdefender researchers recently stumbled across 13 Google Play applications packing aggressive ads and potentially using over 1,000 fake reviews to gain a cumulative download count of over half of million. While fake online reviews may be punishable by the FTC with millions of dollars, it’s interesting that, while some of the analyzed apps only got […]

DEF CON 22 Music Announcement: DJ Spooky (That Subliminal Kid) a.k.a. Paul D. Miller

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A major announcement right here. We're bringing you the legendary DJ Spooky (That Subliminal Kid), a.k.a. Paul D. Miller. His CV runs deeper than the Mariana trench and is more Renaissance than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles combined. Perhaps origi

Reference: TaoSecurity Press

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I started appearing in media reports in 2000. I used to provide this information on my Web site, but since I don't keep that page up-to-date anymore, I decided to publish it here. As of 2017, Mr. Bejtlich generally declines press inquiries on cybersecurity m

Announcing .NET Core 3.0

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Announcing .NET Core 3.0 We’re excited to announce the release of .NET Core 3.0. It includes many improvements, including adding Windows Forms and WPF, adding new JSON APIs, support for ARM64 and improving performance across the board. C# 8 is als

Einstein's 'Spooky Action' Has Been Demonstrated On a Massive Scale For the First Time

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schwit1 shares a report from ScienceAlert: For the first time, scientists have managed to show quantum entanglement -- which Einstein famously described as "spooky action at a distance" -- happening between macroscopic objects, a major step forward in

Celebrating International Women’s Day with 20 tech trailblazers

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Posted by Google Developer Studio Today is International Women’s Day and we’re kicking off the celebration with a profile series featuring 20 tech trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the developer community. Many of the women we s

Linux from point of view of future user and current Windows 7 "power user" (includes Windows 10 rant)

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English being my not native language will probably keep me out from writing this post in good style, but anyway... I think for desktop users, which I am - it is pretty lucky that there is decent alternative for Windows. And I believe you should feel l


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I posted all the warnings in final lines,so you dont need to read everything. ​ ​ Checking system commands... ​ Performing 'strings' command checks Checking 'strings' command [ OK ] ​ Performing 'shared libraries' checks Checking for preloa

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