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❈ Diga plc Qt 4.4.0/5.0.0 Shared Memory Block access control

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A vulnerability classified as problematic was found in Diga plc Qt 4.4.0/5.0.0. This vulnerability affects an unknown code of the component Shared Memory Block Handler. Upgrading to version 4.7.6 , 4.8.5 or 5.0.1 eliminates this vulnerability. The upgrade is hosted for download at qt.gitorious.org. A possible mitigation has been published immediately after the disclosure of the vulnerability....

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Description As a PLC programmer, you will usually find yourself working alone, unsupported and with nobody to help you but Google.  Your boss or client will tell you what they need, and the only thing they want to hear from you is, “Here it is.”  And

Rust in the Linux kernel

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Posted by Wedson Almeida Filho, Android Team In our previous post, we announced that Android now supports the Rust programming language for developing the OS itself. Related to this, we are also participating in the effort to evaluate the use of Rust as a supported language fo

Advanced Programming Paradigms (PLC IV)

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Description You already know how to program a PLC and make it do what you want using Ladder Diagrams.  But as you are undoubtedly aware, there are several other “paradigms” (programming languages) out there to create logic, and you want to program


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What Will I Learn? To Learn Ladder Logic Programming PLC Wiring Concepts & Troubleshooting To Teach Programming to Technician & Engineer Requirements PLC Software (Included in the Course) Description Today, PLC are being used in every Proces

DiGA-Verzeichnis: Erste Sicherheitslücken bei digitalen Gesundheits-Apps entdeckt

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Kurz nach dem Start der "Apps auf Rezept" finden unabhängige Forscher Sicherheitslücken in einer der Anwendungen. Der Fall wirft grundlegende Fragen zum Prüfungsverfahren auf.

CVE-2020-0932: Remote Code Execution on Microsoft SharePoint Using TypeConverters

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In April 2020, Microsoft released four Critical and two Important-rated patches to fix remote code execution bugs in Microsoft SharePoint. All these are deserialization bugs. Two came through the ZDI program from an anonymous researcher: CVE-2020-0931

Performing SQL Backflips to Achieve Code Execution on Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert at Pwn2Own Miami 2020

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The inaugural Pwn2Own Miami contest was held in January at the S4 Conference and targeted Industrial Control System (ICS) products. At the contest, the Claroty Research team chained two vulnerabilities to achieve code execution on Schneider Electric’s Ec

CentOS Blog: CentOS Pulse Newsletter, September 2018 (#1804)

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Dear CentOS enthusiast, Here's what's been happening in the past month at CentOS Releases and Updates The following releases and updates happened in August. For each update, the given URL provides the upstream notes about the change. Releases We're pl

Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen: Krankenkassen können erstmals Kosten für zwei Gesundheitsapps erstatten

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Das Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte hat zwei digitale Anwendungen in die Liste der Gesundheitsapps aufgenommen, deren Kosten die gesetzlichen Krankenkassen erstatten. Wie der Nutzen solcher Apps nachgewiesen wird, bleibt ebenso schwamm

Unklare Rechtslage bei Gesundheitsapps: Wenn Gesundheitsdaten bei US-Konzernen landen

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Seit dem vergangenen Jahr gibt es in Deutschland Apps auf Rezept. Doch das Gesundheitsministerium und der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte sind sich uneinig über den Datenschutz - vor allem, wenn Daten deutscher Nutzer:innen in den USA landen könnten.

PMapper - A Tool For Quickly Evaluating IAM Permissions In AWS

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A project to speed up the process of reviewing an AWS account's IAM configuration. Purpose The goal of the AWS IAM auth system is to apply and enforce access controls on actions and resources in AWS. This tool helps identify if the policies in place will ac

AA20-239A: FASTCash 2.0: North Korea's BeagleBoyz Robbing Banks

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Original release date: August 26, 2020SummaryThis Alert uses the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK®) framework. See the ATT&CK for Enterprise framework for all referenced threat actor techniques. This joint advisory is

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