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❈ Review: Knockout City is a simple and very effective multiplayer shooter

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Trade in your guns for dodgeballs in this fun and unique riff on third-person shooters. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who has never played a game of dodgeball before. One of the time-honored gym class traditions that separated the nerds from the jocks, dodgeball invokes memories of Axe body spray, scraped knees, and getting last week's algebra notes absolutely smacked out of my head. But no amount of suppressed adolescent trauma could stop me from getting excited about Knockout City, the newest multiplayer shooter that trades out pistols and assault rifles for good old rubber balls of pain. This comes courtesy of Velan Studios, the team responsible for last year's mixed reality racing game Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit on the Nintendo Switch. Published by Electronic Arts under its EA Originals label (the same label that published A Way Out, It Takes Two, and Sea of Solitude), Knockout City hopes its multiplayer offering will be easy enough to pick up and play, while still of......

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Multiplayer Online Games Insecurity (white paper) [22 Mar 2013]

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PDF https://revuln.com/files/Ferrante_Auriemma_Multiplayer_Online_Games_Insecurity_WP.pdf   MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAMES INSECURITY (NEVER FEEL SAFE WHILE PLAYING ONLINE) Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante ReVuln http://revuln.com [email protected]

Celebrating International Women’s Day with 21 tech trailblazers

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A Massive Cyber Breach at a Company Whilst it was Considering the 'Cloud'

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AA21-008A: Detecting Post-Compromise Threat Activity in Microsoft Cloud Environments

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Original release date: January 8, 2021SummaryThis Advisory uses the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK®) framework. See the ATT&CK for Enterprise for all referenced threat actor tactics and techniques. This Alert is a companion alert to

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Mimikatz DCSync Mitigation

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Posted by Scott Lin, Product Manager, Google Play For many developers, ratings and reviews are an important touchpoint with users. Millions of reviews are left on Google Play every day, offering developers valuable insight on what users love and what they want improved. Users also rely on ratings and reviews to help them decide which apps and games are right for t

Democratizing Smart City solutions with Azure IoT Central

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One of the most dynamic landscapes embracing Internet of Things (IoT) is the modern city. As urbanization grows, city leaders are under increasing pressure to make cities safer, accessible, sustainable, and prosperous. Underlying all these important

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Best Overall - Works at home and on the go - 30-day free trial Works at home and on the go 30-day free trial No hidden fees Great starter equipment No hidden fees Great starter equipment Included fall detection 5 location technologies Included fall detecti

I am selling international mobile phone data and consumer data.

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Hello Guys. I am selling international mobile phone data and consumer data. I can provide you with data from 60 countries around the world. Part of my archive is as follows; USA CELL DB *55 MILLION RECORD* Email *Name *City *Zip *State *Country *Addres

Getting Approved to Publish Watch Faces in Galaxy Store

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In order to offer the best experience for consumers in Galaxy Store, watch face sellers must first be approved to publish. This approval is done by submitting an initial watch face design that demonstrates your ability to crea

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