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❈ STEM Audio Table Rife with Business-Threatening Bugs

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The desktop conferencing IoT gadget allows remote attackers to install all kinds of malware and move laterally to other parts of enterprise networks....

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HPR3022: FOSDEM 2020 Stand Interviews

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Table of Contents Previously Interviewed Projects Projects we did not get to Interview (yet) 0 A.D. AdoptOpenJDK Apache Camel Checkmk Coderdojo Eclipse Foundation GitLab GNU Health Javascript Jenkins-x Kopano Ku

AA20-258A: Chinese Ministry of State Security-Affiliated Cyber Threat Actor Activity

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Original release date: September 14, 2020SummaryThe Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has consistently observed Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS)-affiliated cyber threat actors using publicly available information sources and com

Sharing Pixelopolis, a self-driving car demo from Google I/O built with TF-Lite

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Posted by Miguel de Andrés-Clavera, Product Manager, Google PIIn this post, I’d like to share with you a demo we built for (and had planned to show at) Google I/O this year with TensorFlow Lite. I wish we had the opportunity to meet in person, but

Performance Improvements in .NET Core 3.0

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Back when we were getting ready to ship .NET Core 2.0, I wrote a blog post exploring some of the many performance improvements that had gone into it. I enjoyed putting it together so much and received such a positive response to the post that I did it

TA17-117A: Intrusions Affecting Multiple Victims Across Multiple Sectors

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Original release date: April 27, 2017 | Last revised: May 14, 2017Systems Affected Networked Systems Overview The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) has become aware of an emerging sophisticated campaign, occurri

Announcing TraceProcessor Preview 0.1.0

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Process ETW traces in .NET. Background Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is a powerful trace collection system built-in to the Windows operating system. Windows has deep integration with ETW, including data on system behavior all the way down to the ke

AA20-259A: Iran-Based Threat Actor Exploits VPN Vulnerabilities

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Original release date: September 15, 2020SummaryThis Alert uses the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK®) framework. See the ATT&CK for Enterprise framework for all referenced threat actor techniques. This product was writte

Capturing Audio in Android Q

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Posted by Don Turner, Developer Advocate for Android Media In Android Q there's a new API which allows applications to capture the audio of other applications. It's called the AudioPlaybackCapture API and it enables some important use cases for easi

Transfer Learning for Audio Data with YAMNet

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Posted by Luiz GUStavo Martins, Developer Advocate Transfer learning is a popular machine learning technique, in which you train a new model by reusing information learned by a previous model. Most common applications of transfer learning are for the vision domain, to tr

The June 2019 Security Update Review

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June has arrived and so have the scheduled security patches from Microsoft and Adobe. Take a break from your regularly scheduled activities and join us as we review the details for security patches for this month. Adobe Patches for June 2019 This month, A

Fuzzilli - A JavaScript Engine Fuzzer

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A (coverage-)guided fuzzer for dynamic language interpreters based on a custom intermediate language ("FuzzIL") which can be mutated and translated to JavaScript. Usage The basic steps to use this fuzzer are: Download the source code for one of the s

An update on Android's audio latency

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Posted by Don Turner - Android Developer Relations Engineer This article takes a look at what's changed in the Android ecosystem for audio developers recently, the audio latency of popular Android devices, and discusses Android's suitability for real-time

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