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❈ E3: "Elden Ring", "Wonderlands", "Evil Dead": Die Highlights des Summer Game Fests

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Ein Spin-Off von "Borderlands", "Elden Ring" und jede Menge Zombies: Das sind die interessantesten Spiele, die auf dem Summer Game Fest gezeigt wurden....

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Multiplayer Online Games Insecurity (white paper) [22 Mar 2013]

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PDF https://revuln.com/files/Ferrante_Auriemma_Multiplayer_Online_Games_Insecurity_WP.pdf   MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAMES INSECURITY (NEVER FEEL SAFE WHILE PLAYING ONLINE) Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante ReVuln http://revuln.com [email protected]

New Elden Ring trailer reveals gameplay, January 21, 2022 release date

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Elden Ring! Oh, Elden Ring! What you need to know A new Elden Ring trailer was shown off during Summer Game Fest. The trailer showcased gameplay as well as elements of the story. Elden Ring's release date was also revealed in the trailer. It's slated

Everything you need to know about Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

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Tiny Tina returns as the Bunkermaster in this latest adventure from Gearbox, full of magic and mayhem. Gearbox unveiled Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ahead of E3 2021, and it looks to bring as much carnage and mayhem as you'd expect from a Borderlands game.

Elden Ring: Everything you need to know

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All the information we have about FromSoftware's next fantasy epic. Whether its the revolutionary franchise Dark Souls, the classic hit that inspired it, Demon's Souls, or the likes of Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, chances are that you've

Butt Stallion returns in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, coming early 2022

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Butt Stallion is making a heroic comeback along with a few new faces in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, a fantasy-themed Borderlands spin-off. What you need to know Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is the latest adventure from Gearbox Software. It stars the popular

Elden Ring to feature stealth, dynamic weather, multiplayer, and more

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Elden Ring looks like it might be FromSoftware's most advanced game yet. What you need to know A press release from Bandai Namco that went live following the release of a new Elden Ring trailer confirms that the game will feature numerous exciting

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Fantasy-Spin-off zu Borderlands vorgestellt

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Die Borderlands-Reihe bekommt einen weiteren Ableger: 2K Games und Gearbox Software haben beim Summer Game Fest Tiny Tina's Wonderlands offiziell enthüllt und erste Details zur Geschichte und zum Gameplay verraten. Demnach verfrachtet das Spin-off

Evil Dead: The Game - Koop-Horror-Shooter für 2021 angekündigt

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Die Evil Dead-Filme sind schon lange Kult und haben in der Vergangenheit auch schon einige Videospieladaptionen erhalten. Fans dürfen sich schon bald über eine weitere Versoftung freuen, denn bei den Game Awards wurde Evil Dead: The Game offizi

Elden Ring looks absolutely incredible and my humanity is restored

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From the scary bosses to cool horse combat, here's everything we loved from the trailer. A new gameplay trailer for FromSoftware's upcoming action RPG Elden Ring was unveiled at the Summer Game Fest ahead of the main E3 2021 show, and it was absolutely

Phil Spencer has played 'quite a bit' of Elden Ring

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I doubt we could even imagine it. What you need to know FromSoftware's Elden Ring does not currently have a release window. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently confirmed he has played "quite a bit" of Elden Ring. Spencer also believes it is the most

What were your favorite E3 announcements? Here were ours.

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From Elden Ring to Evil Dead, there was something here for everybody. E3 2021 and its partner Summer Game Fest are finally over and, as expected, we got a ton of game reveals and announcements. There are so many, in fact, that it's tough to remember

E3: "Elden Ring", "Wonderlands", "Evil Dead": Die Highlights des Summer Game Fests

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Ein Spin-Off von "Borderlands", "Elden Ring" und jede Menge Zombies: Das sind die interessantesten Spiele, die auf dem Summer Game Fest gezeigt wurden.

Team Security Diskussion über E3: "Elden Ring", "Wonderlands", "Evil Dead": Die Highlights des Summer Game Fests