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❈ Researchers Create Un-hackable Quantum Network, Expert Weighs In

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BACKGROUND: Researchers from Toshiba have successfully sent quantum information over 600-kilometer-long optical fibers, creating a new distance record and paving the way for large-scale quantum networks that could be used…

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Announcing TensorFlow Quantum: An Open Source Library for Quantum Machine Learning

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Posted by Alan Ho, Product Lead and Masoud Mohseni, Technical Lead, Google ResearchCross posted with the Google AI blog.“Nature isn’t classical, damnit, so if you want to make a simulation of nature, you’d better make it quantum mechanical.” -Ph

Boosting quantum computer hardware performance with TensorFlow

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A guest article by Michael J. Biercuk, Harry Slatyer, and Michael Hush of Q-CTRL Google recently announced the release of TensorFlow Quantum - a toolset for combining state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with quantum algorithm design. This was an important ste

Characterizing quantum advantage in machine learning by understanding the power of data

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Posted by Hsin-Yuan Huang, Google/Caltech, Michael Broughton, Google, Jarrod R. McClean, Google, Masoud Mohseni, Google. Data drives machine learning. Large scale research and production ML both depend on high volume and high quality sources of data whe

My experience with TensorFlow Quantum

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A guest post by Owen Lockwood, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Quantum mechanics was once a very controversial theory. Early detractors such as Albert Einstein famously said of quantum mechanics that “God does not play dice” (referring to th

Why do we need Q#?

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You may be familiar with the Microsoft Quantum blog, which shares general news about our quantum computing program and about quantum computing in general. This blog is its developer- and community-focused partner. It will host technical posts, deep

Training with Multiple Workers using TensorFlow Quantum

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Posted by Cheng Xing and Michael Broughton, Google Training large machine learning models is a core ability for TensorFlow. Over the years, scale has become an important feature in many modern machine learning systems for NLP, image recognition, drug

TensorFlow Quantum turns one year old

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Posted by Michael Broughton, Alan Ho, Masoud Mohseni Last year we announced TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ) at the 2020 TensorFlow developer summit and on the Google AI Blog. Bringing all of the tools and features that TensorFlow has to offer to the worl

Quantum Machine Learning and Azure Quantum | AI Show

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Alex Bocharov, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Quantum Systems group and Chris Granade, Senior Research Software Development Engineer join Vadim Karpusenko to discuss the impact of Quantum Computing on the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence do

Layerwise learning for Quantum Neural Networks

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Posted by Andrea Skolik, Volkswagen AG and Leiden UniversityIn early March, Google released TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ) together with the University of Waterloo and Volkswagen AG. TensorFlow Quantum is a software framework for quantum machine learning (QML) which

Learn Quantum Computing with the Quantum Katas

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I started to learn quantum computing when I joined Microsoft Quantum team less then two years ago. Before that the most exposure I had to the topic was a course on quantum mechanics back in the university, which was long enough ago to not count. Upon jo

TA18-106A: Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Targeting Network Infrastructure Devices

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Original release date: April 16, 2018Systems Affected Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Enabled DevicesCisco Smart Install (SMI) Enabled DevicesSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Enabled Network DevicesOverview This joint Technical Alert (TA) is the result of analy

Qubits in Q#

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How should qubits be represented in a quantum programming language? In the quantum circuit model, a quantum computation is represented as a sequence of operations, sometimes known as gates, applied to a set of qubits. This leads to pictures such as:

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