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❈ CliFM provides now distro-specific binary packages!

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CliFM is a KISS, non-curses terminal file manager for the terminal. By getting rid of the curses interface, it provides tight integration with the system shell. Other features: bookmarks, files selection, trash system, built-in resource opener, plugins, files preview, and more.

Visits the project's page

Download packages from here

Thanks linuxers!

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Interesting new packages (mostly desktop) to try in Debian 10

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Debian 10 Buster will be released in a few days. A while ago I subscribed to http://packages.debian.org/unstable/main/newpkg?format=rss (yeah now it's empty but expect some noise when buster comes out) to stay informed of upcoming packages in the next

Ubuntu 18.04 hangs on shutdown/restart

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I'm running a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04LTS. When I go to either Power Off or Restart a fresh ubuntu session https://i.redd.it/280ghjkfz7j31.png ​ my computer will freeze for about a 30 seconds until popping up the options to Cancel, Restart, or Po

Announcing TraceProcessor Preview 0.1.0

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Process ETW traces in .NET. Background Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is a powerful trace collection system built-in to the Windows operating system. Windows has deep integration with ETW, including data on system behavior all the way down to the ke

Migrating a Sample WPF App to .NET Core 3 (Part 1)

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Olia recently wrote a post about how to port a WinForms app from .NET Framework to .NET Core. Today, I’d like to follow that up by walking through the steps to migrate a sample WPF app to .NET Core 3. Many of these steps will be familiar from Olia

DevAudit - Open-source, Cross-Platform, Multi-Purpose Security Auditing Tool

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DevAudit is an open-source, cross-platform, multi-purpose security auditing tool targeted at developers and teams adopting DevOps and DevSecOps that detects security vulnerabilities at multiple levels of the solution stack. DevAudit provides a wide array

CliFM 1.1 is here, with a lot a new features, and a decent logo!

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https://preview.redd.it/86ffo1tbs0271.png?width=1280&format=png&auto=webp&s=1a0d2e242c2c081e230306547cf33fb437ebc909 This new version brings a lot of improvements: Git integration SVG preview support We finally have a decent logo! New plugins: rgfind (search files by content via Ripgrep), fzfdese

CliFM, The KISS File Manager for the Unix terminal

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There's a newcomer in the arena of Unix' file managers! ​ https://preview.redd.it/bufy4nkm39x61.png?width=527&format=png&auto=webp&s=c9781c0d4b935c3a42944dd50e3fa63f99ae6d0d CliFM is a fast, lightweight, and non-curses terminal file manager. Some of its most important features are: Unlimited bookmarks Files selection Built-in directory jumper (similar to autojump, zoxide, and z.lua

Neurax - A Framework For Constructing Self-Spreading Binaries

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A framework that aids in creation of self-spreading software Requirementsgo get -u github.com/redcode-labs/Coldfire go get -u github.com/yelinaung/go-haikunator New in v. 2.0New wordlist mutators + common passwords by country Improvised passive scanning

E9Patch - A Powerful Static Binary Rewriting Tool

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E9Patch is a powerful static binary rewriting tool for x86_64 Linux ELF binaries. E9Patch is: Scalable: E9Patch can reliably rewrite large/complex binaries including web browsers (>100MB in size). Compatible: The rewritten binary is a drop-

Custom Package Repositories in R

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by Steve Belcher, Sr Technical Specialist, Microsoft Data & AI In some companies, R users can’t download R packages from CRAN. That might be because they work in an environment that’s isolated from the internet, or because company policy dictates th

10 Linux distros reviewed

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Ubuntu 9.5/10 The Linux ambasador, good for begginers and any distro related to it in any way is blessed with high software availability. One thing I don't like is the fact that if any corporate wants to release their software on Linux they'll make sur

Announcing .NET Core 3.0

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Announcing .NET Core 3.0 We’re excited to announce the release of .NET Core 3.0. It includes many improvements, including adding Windows Forms and WPF, adding new JSON APIs, support for ARM64 and improving performance across the board. C# 8 is als

Team Security Diskussion über CliFM provides now distro-specific binary packages!