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❈ The Surface Duo could evolve to become the Xbox 'Nintendo DS' we never got

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The mythical handheld Xbox could soon become a reality. I've previously written about my desire for an Xbox handheld. In a world where Nintendo Switch has become one of the most dominant consoles, you have to wonder whether Microsoft is thinking about how best to serve Xbox gamers on the go. The vehicle, without a doubt, is going to be Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Cloud Gaming, which provides you with dozens of games you can access on tablets, phones, and low-power PCs. As it pertains to hardware, though, the experience isn't the most user-friendly. If we disregard the fact you need a stable internet connection, which often isn't possible, the options we have now for gaming on mobile devices aren't the best for various reasons. While attachments like the Razer Kishi and the GameSir X2 are plugging the ergonomic gap, gaming on a phone in general can be a cramped experience. Phone calls and notifications can interrupt the fun. Screen usage time can deplete your battery rapidly, p......

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Review of the Surface Book 3 for Developers

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I was offered a Surface Book 3 to use as a loaner over the the last 5 weeks. I did a short video teaser on Twitter where I beat on the device with a pretty ridiculous benchmark - running Visual Studio 2019 while running Gears of War and Ubuntu under W

TWC9: Microsoft Ignite, Surface Duo Release, WSL2 Updates, Xbox Series S and more | This Week On Channel 9

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We had some technical difficulties this week with, well everything. So apologies for the quality of this production. But Christina is still back with the latest developer news, including: [00:34] Microsoft Ignite and the Microsoft Ignite Countdown Show[01:30] Microsoft Surface Duo Released and resources for web development on the Surface Duo[02:37] Visual Studio Codespa

Alarming! : Windows Update Automatically Downloaded and Installed an Untrusted Self-Signed Kernel-mode Lenovo Driver on New Surface Device

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Folks,Given what it is I do, I don't squander a minute of precious time, unless something is very important, and this is very important.Let me explain why this is so alarming, concerning and so important to cyber security, and why at many organizations (e.g. U.S. Govt., Paramount Defenses etc.), this could've either

TWC9: Surface Duo, Visual Studio Code,Windows 95 Anniversary, and more! | This Week On Channel 9

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We are back with another episode of This Week on Channel 9![00:53] - Microsoft Surface Duo and pre-order info[02:15] - Visual Studio Code 1.48[03:36] - Python in VS Code August 2020[03:56] - Java in VS Code August 2020[04:30] - Tech with Tim[04:57] - Azure SQL for Beginners Playlist[05:30] - Easy Way to SSH into Bash and WSL2 from an External Mac

Celebrating International Women’s Day with 21 tech trailblazers

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Posted by The Google Developers Team Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting a series of 21 tech trailblazers who are making significant strides in the developer community. Many of the women we interviewed are directly involved with our educational outreach and inclusivity programs like Google Developer Groups and Women Techmakers while others are Google Developers

Google Duo is Working on “Reachable with email address” Feature

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Google Duo "Reachable with email address"Google Duo makes it even easier to find your friends with its new feature called  “Reachable with email address”.  According to the various information found in the recent analysis of Google Duo APKs, t

P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. - Framework Which Turns A Rapsberry Pi Zero W Into A Flexible, Low-Cost Platform For Pentesting, Red Teaming And Physical Engagements

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P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. by MaMe82 is a framework which turns a Rapsberry Pi Zero W into a flexible, low-cost platform for pentesting, red teaming and physical engagements ... or into "A Little Offensive Appliance".0. How to installThe latest image could be fo

Daniel Rubino joined Double Tap TV to chat about the Surface Duo

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Daniel and Double Tap TV run through the Surface Duo from start to finish. What you need to know Our executive editor Daniel Rubino joined Double Tap TV to discuss the Surface Duo. Rubino discusses the history of the Surface Duo, its launch, and

Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X

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At an event today, where Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop 3, Windows 10X, and an Android smartphone, the company also unveiled refreshed editions of its laptop-tablet hybrids: the Surface Pro 7, and the Surface Pro X. About the Surface Pro 7, which

Protect your Surface Duo in style with this new cover from Noreve

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Noreve has a new way to protect your Surface Duo in style. What you need to know Noreve has a new leather cover available for the Surface Duo. The cover can stay on while the device flips around and as you charge the Surface Duo. The Noreve Microsoft

The Surface Duo starts shipping today. Have you received yours?

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The wait is finally over; the Surface Duo starts shipping today. What you need to know Microsoft's Surface Duo starts shipping today. The Surface Duo is Microsoft's first-ever mobile device with Surface branding. The Surface Duo starts at $1,400. Microsoft's

Does the new Surface Slim Pen work with older Surfaces?

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Best answer: The Surface Slim Pen works with numerous Surface devices, including Surface Books, Surface Pro 3 and up, Surface Go, Surface Laptops, Surface Studios, and Surface 3. Draw anything: Microsoft Surface Slim Pen ($145 at Microsoft) Using the

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