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❈ Anyone knows what terminal this is?

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Meet Visual Studio for Mac’s New Integrated Terminal!

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Our users tell us they frequently use a terminal for a variety of tasks – running front-end tasks (e.g. npm, ng, or vue), managing containers, running advanced git commands, scaffolding, automating builds , executing Entity Framework commands, viewing do


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Linux terminal subsystem The terminal subsystem consists of three layers The upper layer implements the character device interface ( open, read, write, close …) The line discipline The lower layer which communicates with the hardware or the pseudoterm

It’s time for you to install Windows Terminal

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It's time. It's the feature complete release of the Windows Terminal. Stop reading, and go install it. I'll wait here. You done? OK. You can download the Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page. There's also an unofficial Chocolatey release. I recommend the Store version if possible. NOTE: Have you already downlo

What’s the difference between a console, a terminal, and a shell?

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I see a lot of questions that are close but the questions themselves show an underlying misunderstanding of some important terms. Why would I use Windows Terminal over PowerShell? I don't need WSL for bash, I use Cygwin. Can I use conemu with Powe

Check out the first settings UI in Windows Terminal Preview right now

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But you can still use the JSON file if you wish. What you need to know Windows Terminal Preview hits version 1.6 with a settings UI for the first time. The JSON settings changes can still be made, nothing is changing there. Latest update also adds star

How to Install & Use Windows 10 Terminal

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Windows 10 terminalWindows Terminal is an Open Source Developer Tool from Microsoft Inc., for Windows 10 platforms, which means to bring all the developer's command-line tools like Command Prompt (cmd.exe), PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in

Say hello to the new Visual Studio terminal!

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  Building on the momentum from the recently announced Developer PowerShell, we are excited to share the first preview of the new Visual Studio terminal. This new preview experience is part of Visual Studio version 16.3 Preview 3.   Rather than build

TWC9: Halloween Vibes, Windows Terminal Preview, WSL 2 Updates, New PowerToys and more | This Week On Channel 9

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It's Halloween and Christina came dressed for the occasion! Please enjoy our "Stranger Things" vibes as we get into the latest developer news, including: [00:35] Microsoft Ignite [01:03] Microsoft Ignite The Tour [01:29] Microsoft Edge Team at Microsoft I

Now is the time to make a fresh new Windows Terminal profiles.json

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I've been talking about it for months, but in case you haven't heard, there's a new Windows Terminal in town. You can download it and start using it now from the Windows Store. It's free and open source. At the time of this writing, Windows Terminal

TWC9: .NET Conf, .NET Core 3.0, Windows Terminal 1909, Xamarin + Azure Functions, and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This week on Channel 9, Christina's lipstick doesn't stay on her lips and gets all over her teeth (rather than being embarrassed, I've decided to pretend to celebrate Halloween a month early) and she's here to break down the latest dev news, including

You can now download the new Open Source Windows Terminal

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Last month Microsoft announced a new open source Windows Terminal! It's up at https://github.com/microsoft/Terminal and it's great, but for the last several weeks you've had to build it yourself as a Developer. It's been very v0.1 if you know what I mean. Today you can download the Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store! This is a preview release (think v0.2) but it'll autom

TWC9: GitHub Actions Get CI/CD, New VS Code, Windows Terminal Updates, Retro Video Games and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This Week on Channel 9, Christina is in another Publicspace.xyz shirt and ready to get into the latest developer news (we DO go over 5 minutes -- we'll try harder next week), including: [00:33] GitHub Actions Support CI/CDcheck out more about GitHub

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