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❈ Open Office Calc: Summe berechnen - so geht's!

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Mit Open Office Calc können Sie schnell und einfach die Summe aus verschiedenen Zellen zu berechnen. In diesem Praxistipp zeigen wir Ihnen, wie das geht. … ... mehr...

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reduce-css-calc bis 1.2.4 auf Node.js Cross Site Scripting

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In reduce-css-calc bis 1.2.4 auf Node.js wurde eine Schwachstelle entdeckt. Sie wurde als problematisch eingestuft. Betroffen ist die Funktion calc. Mittels Manipulieren mit einer unbekannten Eingabe kann eine Cross Site Scripting-Schwachstelle ausgenutzt werd

DVS - D(COM) V(ulnerability) S(canner) AKA Devious Swiss Army Knife

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Did you ever wonder how you can move laterally through internal networks? or interact with remote machines without alerting EDRs?Let's assume that we have a valid credentials, or an active session with access to a remote machine, but we are without an option fo

Open Office Calc: Summe berechnen - so geht's!

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Mit Open Office Calc können Sie schnell und einfach die Summe aus verschiedenen Zellen zu berechnen. In diesem Praxistipp zeigen wir Ihnen, wie das geht. … ... mehr

Early Bird Injection - APC Abuse

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An Asynchronous Procedure Call is basically a function/code that is set to execute (asynchronously) within the context of a specified thread. Said functions (callbacks) are added to the APC Queue of a particular thread - which will then be executed i

curl: Windows Privilege Escalation: Malicious OpenSSL Engine

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Summary: The curl windows binaries are built with OpenSSL libraries and have an insecure path for the OPENSSLDIR build parameter. This path is set to c:\usr\local\ssl. When curl is executed it attempts to load openssl.cnf from this path. By default

WMIHACKER - A Bypass Anti-virus Software Lateral Movement Command Execution Tool

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中文版(Chinese version)Disclaimer: The technology involved in this project is only for security learning and defense purposes, illegal use is prohibited!Bypass anti-virus software lateral movement command execution test tool(No need 445 Port)Introdu

How to use Microsoft Office instead of Google on your Chromebook

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Microsoft Office is still the leading software of its kind, and if you're using a Chromebook you can use it too. Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software suites in the world, especially among education and enterprise. It's also one of t

BugPoC: Solution for XSS challenge calc.buggywebsite.com

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Summary: http://calc.buggywebsite.com/ is a angular site designed as a calculator. After observing the source code , there is iframe (frame.html) with functionality of displaying the data of postmessage in the webpage. ```js window.addEventListener(&

DFIR-O365RC - PowerShell Module For Office 365 And Azure AD Log Collection

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PowerShell module for Office 365 and Azure AD log collectionModule description The DFIR-O365RC PowerShell module is a set of functions that allow the DFIR analyst to collect logs relevant for Office 365 Business Email Compromise investigations. The l

CVE-2019-0801: Microsoft Office Uri Hyperlink Hijinks

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In December of 2018, we received a report of a vulnerability in Microsoft Office from Andrea Micalizzi, also known as rgod, who is one of our frequent contributors. It was patched this April as CVE-2019-0801, and now we’d like to share the full details with you. A somewhat obscure fact about Microsoft O

Microsoft's New Office App for Windows 10 is Coming To All Office Users For Free

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Microsoft has been looking for ways to simplify the way users log into Office and find their documents via its Office.com portal. On December 19, the company is taking another step in this area by introducing something it's calling simply the Office app

HPR3022: FOSDEM 2020 Stand Interviews

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Table of Contents Previously Interviewed Projects Projects we did not get to Interview (yet) 0 A.D. AdoptOpenJDK Apache Camel Checkmk Coderdojo Eclipse Foundation GitLab GNU Health Javascript Jenkins-x Kopano Ku

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