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❈ Doubts about migrating

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With the news about Windows 11 and its control over users, I'm thinking more and more about migrating to Linux.

But one of the things that constantly prevent me from migrating is the programs that I use on a daily basis and now it's even harder for me since there are at least 2 programs that I use for work and aren't available on Linux: Scrivener and MemoQ. Asides from being great programs, the best out there for writing and translating (I work as a translator), I bought them, so I don't want to just throw the money away that I invested on it.

I know that I can create a virtual machine and work with this programs on that, but what are the risks and downsides of that? I'm planning on buying a laptop with an Nvidia GTX 1650, 8gb ram, 1tb hd and 128 SSD by the end of the year and it comes with Endless OS, that's why I'm thinking more and more on migrating to Linux, but I wouldn't like to use an alternative to those 2 programs.

Is Endless OS recommended, btw, in my case?

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