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❈ Steam Deck vs. Nintendo Switch OLED model: Which should you buy?

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New hardware Steam Deck From $399 at Steam Pros Impressive handheld specs Optional SSD storage Leverages Steam Access to PC library on Steam Cons Higher-end models are expensive SteamOS means some games might not work Valve's new Steam Deck handheld is pitched as a portable gaming PC. It packs the hardware to accomplish that and in theory, gives players access to every game they own on Steam. There's even optional SSD storage, for a higher price. Tried and true Nintendo Switch OLED model $350 at Amazon Pros Nintendo Switch exclusive games Cheaper price Joy-cons provide alternate play options OLED screen Cons Weaker specs Few improvements over existing Nintendo Switch The Nintendo Switch OLED model is a revision of the Nintendo Switch. While it doesn't pack more impressive specs, the OLED screen will improve the colors in some games, while improved kickstand means easier portable play. It's a great time for handheld gaming, with a couple of differ......

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Using Model Card Toolkit for TF Model Transparency

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Posted by Karan Shukla, Software Engineer, Google Research Machine learning (ML) model transparency is important across a wide variety of domains that impact peoples’ lives, from healthcare to personal finance to employment. At Google, this desire for t

How to Create a Cartoonizer with TensorFlow Lite

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A guest post by ML GDEs Margaret Maynard-Reid (Tiny Peppers) and Sayak Paul (PyImageSearch)This is an end-to-end tutorial on how to convert a TensorFlow model to TensorFlow Lite (TFLite) and deploy it to an Android app for cartoonizing an image captured by

Custom object detection in the browser using TensorFlow.js

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A guest post by Hugo Zanini, Machine Learning Engineer Object detection is the task of detecting where in an image an object is located and classifying every object of interest in a given image. In computer vision, this technique is used in applica

Steam Browser Protocol Insecurity (when local bugs go remote) [15 Oct 2012]

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Original PDF https://revuln.com/files/ReVuln_Steam_Browser_Protocol_Insecurity.pdf   STEAM BROWSER PROTOCOL INSECURITY (WHEN LOCAL BUGS GO REMOTE) Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante ReVuln http://revuln.com [email protected] http://twitter.com/revuln 15 October 2012 Abstract In this paper we will uncover and demonstrate a novel and interesting way

How-to deploy TensorFlow 2 Models on Cloud AI Platform

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Posted by Sara Robinson, Developer AdvocateGoogle Cloud’s AI Platform recently added support for deploying TensorFlow 2 models. This lets you scalably serve predictions to end users without having to manage your own infrastructure. In this post, I’l

Getting Started with Distributed TensorFlow on GCP

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Posted by Nikita Namjoshi, Machine Learning Solutions Engineer For many in the world of data science, distributed training can seem a daunting task. In addition to building and thoughtfully evaluating a high-quality ML model, you have to be aware of h

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Part 2: Fast, scalable and accurate NLP: Why TFX is a perfect match for deploying BERT

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Guest author Hannes Hapke, Senior Data Scientist, SAP Concur Labs. Edited by Robert Crowe on behalf of the TFX teamTransformer models and the concepts of transfer learning in Natural Language Processing have opened up new opportunities around tasks lik

Steam Service Security [10 Jul 2014]

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Original PDF https://revuln.com/files/ReVuln_Steam_Service_Security.pdf   STEAM SERVICE SECURITY BY LUIGI AURIEMMA How a malware or an exploit can use the Steam local service to escalate its privileges.   ReVuln Ltd. http://revuln.com @revuln [email protected]

P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. - Framework Which Turns A Rapsberry Pi Zero W Into A Flexible, Low-Cost Platform For Pentesting, Red Teaming And Physical Engagements

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Using ML.NET for deep learning on images in Azure

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Introduction In March 2020, ML.NET added support for training Image Classification models in Azure. Although the image classification scenario was released in late 2019, users were limited by the resources on their local compute environments. Training

Responsible AI with TensorFlow

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Posted by Tulsee Doshi, Andrew ZaldivarAs billions of people around the world continue to use products or services with AI at their core, it becomes more important than ever that AI is deployed responsibly: preserving trust and putting each individua

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