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Warum private Computer die Unternehmenssicherheit gefährden | IT-Markt

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Laut einer Analyse des Cybersecurity-Anbieters Trend Micro nutzten bösartige Hacker den Homeoffice-Trend vergangenes Jahr besonders oft aus. Das ......

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Announcing TypeScript 3.8

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Today we’re proud to release TypeScript 3.8! For those unfamiliar with TypeScript, it’s a language that adds syntax for types on top of JavaScript which can be analyzed through a process called static type-checking. This type-checking can tell us about

What is Private DNS & Zero Trust Applications

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Rather than forcing users and systems to rely on IP addresses, private DNS lets you assign text-based names to networked resources. These systems resolve readable domain names into IP addresses that web browsers and other network systems can use. Priva

Announcing TypeScript 3.8 RC

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Today we’re announcing the Release Candidate for TypeScript 3.8! Between this RC and our final release, we expect no changes apart from critical bug fixes. To get started using the RC, you can get it through NuGet, or through npm with the following command: npm install typescri

Azure Container Registry Private Link support preview for virtual networks

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Azure Container Registry announces preview support for Azure Private Link, a means to limit network traffic of resources within the Azure network. With Private Link, the registry endpoints are assigned private IP addresses, routing traffic within a

SharpDPAPI - A C# Port Of Some Mimikatz DPAPI Functionality

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SharpDPAPI is a C# port of some DPAPI functionality from @gentilkiwi's Mimikatz project.I did not come up with this logic, it is simply a port from Mimikatz in order to better understand the process and operationalize it to fit our workflow. The SharpChrome subproject is an adaptation of work from @gentilkiwi and @djhohnstein, specifically his SharpChrome project. However, this version of SharpChrome

Protecting your device information with Private Set Membership

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Posted by Kevin Yeo and Sarvar Patel, Private Computing Team At Google, keeping you safe online is our top priority, so we continuously build the most advanced privacy-preserving technologies into our products. Over the past few years, we've utilized i

What is Zscaler Private Access?

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What is Zscaler Private Access?Zscaler Private Access is an access control solution designed around Zero Trust principles. Companies use Zscaler Private Access to protect private resources and manage access for all users, whether at the office or working from home. How

Computer vision is primed for business value

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Over the past few years, computer vision applications have become ubiquitous. From phones that recognize the faces of their users, to cars that drive themselves, to satellites that track ship movements, the value of computer vision has never been clear.

Keyfinder - A Tool For Finding And Analyzing Private (And Public) Key Files, Including Support For Android APK Files

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CERT Keyfinder is a utility for finding and analyzing key files on a filesystem as well as contained within Android APK files. CERT Keyfinder development was sponsored by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Installation requirements: Python (3.x recommended) androguard python-magic PyOpenSSL apktool grep OpenSSL Java Installation Obtain the Keyfinder code. This ca

Performance Improvements in .NET Core 3.0

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Back when we were getting ready to ship .NET Core 2.0, I wrote a blog post exploring some of the many performance improvements that had gone into it. I enjoyed putting it together so much and received such a positive response to the post that I did it

Architecting Network Connectivity for a Zero Trust Future

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Since launching Twingate in 2020, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. These companies work on the bleeding edge of technology, and one of the most common discussions we have is how network connectiv

Tinfoil Chat - Onion-routed, Endpoint Secure Messaging System

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Tinfoil Chat (TFC) is a FOSS+FHD peer-to-peer messaging system that relies on high assurance hardware architecture to protect users from passive collection, MITM attacks and most importantly, remote key exfiltration. TFC is designed for people with one of the most complex threat models: organized crime groups and nation state hackers who bypass end-to-end encryption of traditiona

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