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#InfosecurityEurope2022: Are You Prepared For The Next Big Crisis?

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Simon Dyson from NHS Digital explained how teams can boost awareness of cyber risks across their organizations...

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AA20-245A: Technical Approaches to Uncovering and Remediating Malicious Activity

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Original release date: September 1, 2020SummaryThis joint advisory is the result of a collaborative research effort by the cybersecurity authorities of five nations: Australia,[1] Canada,[2] New Zealand,[3][4] the United Kingdom,[5] and the United States.[6] It highlights technical appro

Getting Started with Distributed TensorFlow on GCP

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Posted by Nikita Namjoshi, Machine Learning Solutions Engineer For many in the world of data science, distributed training can seem a daunting task. In addition to building and thoughtfully evaluating a high-quality ML model, you have to be aware of h

Celebrating International Women’s Day with 20 tech trailblazers

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Posted by Google Developer Studio Today is International Women’s Day and we’re kicking off the celebration with a profile series featuring 20 tech trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the developer community. Many of the women we s

Best of WWDC22

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Best of WWDC22WWDC may have come to a close, but there's still so much to explore. Catch up on the highlights and enjoy videos all year long.WWDC22 daily dispatchesIf it's a quick daily report you need or a catchup on all the special events of the week,

Pill Club Fireside Chat Recap

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Securing Developer Environments with Pill Club’s Cameron SeebachWhat do DevOps, contraception availability, and a composer named Ham Sandwich Quantum Party have in common? These are all pieces that make up the unique and wonderful first guest in our DevO

Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – February 2020

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Whether you're a new student, thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints and you need to know what you're spending, where, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when it comes to the bill, and this is

Celebrating International Women’s Day with 21 tech trailblazers

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Posted by The Google Developers Team Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting a series of 21 tech trailblazers who are making significant strides in the developer community. Many of the women we interviewed are directly involved with our educational outreach and inclusivity programs like Google Developer Groups and Women Techmakers while others are Google Developers

Threatspec - Continuous Threat Modeling, Through Code

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Threatspec is an open source project that aims to close the gap between development and security by bringing the threat modelling process further into the development process. This is achieved by having developers and security engineers write threat modeling

OWASP ASST (Automated Software Security Toolkit) - A Novel Open Source Web Security Scanner

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OWASP ASST (Automated Software Security Toolkit) | A Novel Open Source Web Security Scanner. Note: AWSS is the older name of ASSTIntroduction Web applications have become an integral part of everyday life, but many of these applications are deployed with

5 steps to go from a notebook to a deployed model

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Posted by Nikita Namjoshi, Google Cloud Developer Advocate When you start working on a new machine learning problem, I’m guessing the first environment you use is a notebook. Maybe you like running Jupyter in a local environment, using a Kaggle Kernel, or my personal favorite, Cola

Get smart about preparing your app for OAuth verification

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Posted by Nafis Zebarjadi, Product Manager and Adam Dawes, Senior Product Manager Project Strobe was started to help users have control over their data while giving developers more explicit rules of the road to ensure everyone is confident that their data is secure. One result of this effort has been to expand our app verification program to cover

Run Your First Multi-Worker TensorFlow Training Job With GCP AI Platform

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Posted by Nikita Namjoshi, Machine Learning Solutions Engineer When a single machine is not enough, it’s time to train and iterate faster with TensorFlow’s MultiWorkerMirroredStrategy. In this tutorial-style article you’ll learn how to launch a mul

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