Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy Generator website Johnson Controls Acquires Tempered Networks to Bring Zero Trust Cybersecurity to Connected Buildings

Johnson Controls Acquires Tempered Networks to Bring Zero Trust Cybersecurity to Connected Buildings

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Johnson Controls will roll out the Tempered Networks platform across deployments of its OpenBlue AI-enabled platform....

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Zero Trust: A Complete Guide to Remote Access Security

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If there were any doubts that Zero Trust Network Access is more than a buzzword, they were erased by the US government’s decision to adopt Zero Trust across all federal agencies. This 21st Century approach to remote access security promises to fix many

What is the NIST Zero Trust Architecture?

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Two years ago, the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) issued a report defining a new paradigm for secure network access. The NIST Zero Trust Architecture outlines how organizations can improve security by replacing legacy technologi

Zero Trust vs. VPNs: It’s Time to Kill Your VPN

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One of the biggest threats to network security is a company’s own Virtual Private Network (VPN). Based on old network architectures, VPN’s assumption of a secure fixed perimeter surrounding a trusted network is a dated design pattern that undermines s

The Outlook for Zero Trust Adoption

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Recently, we published our 2022 Zero Trust Outlook Report which reviews where the industry is today and its course towards Zero Trust secure access. Zero Trust is becoming part of every organization’s security roadmap, from an academic thesis to a s

Identity and Zero Trust in Today’s Distributed Networks

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An identity-based Zero Trust Architecture is the only way to deliver secure access to resources and workforces distributed far beyond the office walls. Our recent white paper “Identity Providers (IdPs) Critical Role in Zero Trust Adoption” explore

Remote Access VPN vs. Zero Trust

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A quarter-century ago, remote access VPNs solved an important business problem: how to keep remote workers connected to the company network. But that was a long time ago. VPN technology does not work with today’s distributed networks and workforces.In

Solving the usability problem to unlock Zero Trust adoption

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Security has a usability problem.When given a choice between security and convenience, people almost always choose the latter. As a result, security products that add too much friction, complexity, and frustration end up ineffective. This observation migh

Google BeyondCorp: Top 5 Limitations

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In 2014, Google revealed that it had begun a dramatic change in the way it secured and controlled access to its enterprise resources. The BeyondCorp initiative was the first time a large enterprise had implemented modern Zero Trust concepts at scale. In

OMB Releases Zero Trust Strategy

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This week, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the ‘Federal strategy to move the U.S. Government toward a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity.’ As part of the announcement, U.S. federal agencies have 30 days to select a point of contact to lead these efforts and 60 days to deliver a plan to id

The dreaded Statement of Applicability

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Subclause 6.1.3 of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 requires compliant organisations to define and apply an information security risk treatment process to:a) select appropriate information security risk treatment options, taking account of the risk assessment results;The 'risk treatment options' (including the information

How does Zero Trust Network Access Work?

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Security professionals and executives alike recognize that Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the future of network security. The challenge comes when trying to answer questions like:Why do we need to replace our VPN with ZTNA?What would using ZTNA

Business VPNs - Recommendations and Alternatives

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Business VPNs, or virtual private networks, were created in the 1990s as an affordable way to link company locations and workers over the internet. Flash forward three decades and business VPNs are still the most common security and remote access tools.

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