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➠ Hyperledger: DOS validator nodes of blockchain to block external connections

Attack was documented in the in the github repo: Attack: The attacker sends 500 read requests to each node and opens a new one when holding 500 parallel connections. Every user is able to send read requests since it's a public readable registry so setting up an allowlist like it's done with the nodes' port for the consensus does not work here. To increase the efficiency: the custom read request is increased with more bytes (random header or json values) the bandwidth of the sender machine is limited Requirements on the attacker side: Indy-VDR: comment out the timeouts. Using another tool to send the requests could be even more efficient VM: attack can be performed from one or multiple VMs limited connection: using TC to limit the bandwidth (value depends on the amount of connections) Sample Implementation We set up a VON-Network and added the firewall rules. The VM had 32 CPUs and 64 GB RAM Result: there is no damage to the blockchain, only an unreachable network as long as the attack is going on . Other clients are not able to send read or write requests to the nodes. In the "best case" their requests will go through but with a response time of multiple seconds, see: Not available [image: image.png] Not available [image: image.png] Counteractions: blacklisting actors: It does not matter what is in the body since the firewall rule acts in front of indy that is processing the information. To......

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