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➠ GitLab: Remote Command Execution via Github import

Summary This is very similar to and allows arbitrary redis commands to be injected when imported a GitHub repository. When importing a GitHub repo the api client uses Sawyer for handling the responses. This takes a json hash and converts it into a ruby class that has methods matching all of the keys: ```ruby def self.attr_accessor(*attrs) attrs.each do |attribute| class_eval do define_method attribute do @attrs[attribute.to_sym] end define_method "#{attribute}=" do |value| @attrs[attribute.to_sym] = value end define_method "#{attribute}?" do !!@attrs[attribute.to_sym] end end end end ``` This happens recursively, and allows for any method to be overridden including built-in methods such as to_s. The redis gem uses to_s and bytesize to generate the RESP command, so if a Sawyer::Resource is ever passed in that has a controllable hash it can allow arbitrary redis commands to be injected into the stream as the string will be shorter than the $ size provided (see ruby i = i.to_s command <<......

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