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11 Weeks of Android: That’s a wrap

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This is the final blog post for #11WeeksOfAndroid. Thank you for joining us over the past 11 weeks as we dove into key areas of Android development. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of everything we talked about during each week: Week 1 - People and identity Discover how to implement the conversation shortcut and bubb

Awesome Android Security - A Curated List Of Android Security Materials And Resources For Pentesters And Bug Hunters

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A curated list of Android Security materials and resources For Pentesters and Bug Hunters.Blog AAPG - Android application penetration testing guide TikTok: three persistent arbitrary code executions and one theft of arbitrary files Persistent arbitrary code execution

What’s new from Android, at Android Dev Summit ‘22

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Posted by Matthew McCullough, Vice President, Product Management, Android Developer Just now, we kicked off the first day of Android Dev Summit in the Bay Area, where my team and I covered a number of ways we’re helping you build excellent experiences for users by leveraging Modern Android Development, which can help you extend those a

Static Website Setup on Amazon Cloud using Cloudfront, S3, Route53 & ACM for SSL.

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In this post, you will learn how to: Create an S3 bucket and set it up for static website hosting Create a record set in Route 53 Set up a CloudFront distribution and link it with a custom domain Secure the connection via SSL and AWS Certificate Man

Announcements from Werner Vogels Keynote at re:Invent 2022

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Benefits of loosely coupled systems Fewer dependencies Failure isolation Evolvable architecture The evolution of service-oriented architecture Amazon's Distributed Computing Manifesto https://www.allthingsdist

HPR3727: Expanding your filesystem with LVM

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Synopis I installed a new 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD into my work computer. While we are mostly a Windows based business, as the IT guy I do get a bit of discretion when updating my own machine (i.e. I get to solve all the problems I create). Last year, I dec

Platform Track at Android Developer Summit '22

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Posted by Dan Galpin (@dagalpin), Developer Relations EngineerToday marks the final track for Android Developer Summit: the Platform Track, focused on developer features and guidance around Android 13. With your help, we're making the platform more private and secure, more personal, and more capable than ever. Tune in

Get ready for Android Dev Summit ‘22: Check out the Technical Talks, Livestream Agenda, and Speakers!

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Posted by Yasmine Evjen, Community Lead, Android Developer Relations Android Dev Summit is kicking off next week Monday October 24 9am PT, live streamed on YouTube from the San Francisco Bay Area! Whether you’re tuning in online or–for the first time since 2019–joining in perso

Reference: TaoSecurity News

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I started speaking publicly about digital security in 2000. I used to provide this information on my Web site, but since I don't keep that page up-to-date anymore, I decided to publish it here.2017 Mr. Bejtlich led a podcast titled Threat Hunting

Android 13 is in AOSP!

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Posted by Seang Chau, VP of Engineering Today we’re pushing the Android 13 source to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and officially releasing the newest version of Android. For developers, Android 13 is focused on our core themes of privacy and security as well as developer productivity, making it easier for you to build great experiences for user

Introducing Android 9 Pie

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Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering After more than a year of development and months of testing by early adopters, we're ready to launch Android 9 Pie, the latest release of Android, to the world. Android 9 harnesses the power of machine learning to make your phone smarter, simpler, and tailored to you. Read all about the new consumer features here. For developers, Android 9 includes m

Android Dev Summit ‘22: Here’s how to tune in!

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Posted by Yasmine Evjen, Community Lead, Android Developer Relations Android Dev Summit is about to kick off at 9AM PT on Monday October 24, so it’s time to tune in! You can watch the livestream on, on YouTube, or right below: Whether you’re tuning in onli

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