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➠ 5 Strategies For Marketing a Cybersecurity Company

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The cybersecurity industry is a fast-growing industry with good enough reason. Because many companies are…

5 Strategies For Marketing a Cybersecurity Company on Latest Hacking News | Cyber Security News, Hacking Tools and Penetration Testing Courses.


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I started appearing in media reports in 2000. I used to provide this information on my Web site, but since I don't keep that page up-to-date anymore, I decided to publish it here. As of 2017, Mr. Bejtlich generally declines press inquiries on cybersecurity m

Veracode CEO on the Relationship Between Security and Business Functions: Security Can’t Be Effective in a Silo

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Veracode CEO Sam King says that security can???t be successful, and in fact will become a blocker, if it operates in a silo. She recently sat down for a fireside chat with Mahi Dontamsetti, State Street CTRO, and Jim Routh, MassMutual CISO, to share

Dealing with the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

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Welcome to this week’s blog. We’re getting close to the end of the series in which I explore the “Top 10 List of the Challenges Cybersecurity Professionals Face,” as found in our Cybersecurity Insights Report 2022: The State of Cyber Resilience. Coming in at number four on the list is “Lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals.”   I’m a little surprised this wasn’t number one on our list,

AA19-339A: Dridex Malware

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Original release date: December 5, 2019SummaryThis Alert is the result of recent collaboration between Department of the Treasury Financial Sector Cyber Information Group (CIG) and the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN

AA20-296B: Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat Actors Threaten Election-Related Systems

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Original release date: October 22, 2020SummaryThe Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are warning that Iranian advanced persistent threat (APT) actors are likely intent on influencing

Top 15 data management platforms

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A data management platform (DMP) is a group of tools designed to help organizations collect and manage data from a wide array of sources and to create reports that help explain what is happening in those data streams. Deploying a DMP can be a great wa

Important Strategies for Aligning Security With Business Objectives

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What is the objective of implementing cybersecurity in a business? The answer might vary depending on whether you ask a security professional or a business executive. However, in any cybersecurity implementation, it’s very important to stay focused on the big picture: cybersecurity is there to secure the business and its assets, so the business can concentrate on achieving it

AA22-131A: Protecting Against Cyber Threats to Managed Service Providers and their Customers

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Original release date: May 11, 2022SummaryTactical actions for MSPs and their customers to take today: • Identify and disable accounts that are no longer in use. • Enforce MFA on MSP accounts that access the customer environment and monitor for unex

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No matter how advanced and efficient your product or services, you will get the desired response only if you do a properly planned marketing.... The post Top 5 Online Course Providers For Digital Marketing appeared first on HackersOnlineClub.

Reducing Human Error Security Threats with a Remote Workforce

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Article by Beau PetersFor better or worse, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work and our corresponding cybersecurity needs. Now, millions of us across the world are adapting to remote work. And this requires securing our networks for the new norma

Apple Reports Third Quarter Results

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Apple Reports Third Quarter Results<br/>Company Revenue Sets June Quarter Record<br/>Services Revenue Reaches New All-Time High<br/>Cupertino, California — July 30, 2019 — Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2019

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The first half of 2022 was busy for M&A activity in the IT and business services market, according to deal advisor Hampleton Partners. They counted 699 deals in the period, almost double from last year. Larger IT services players were among the hu

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