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AA22-138B: Threat Actors Chaining Unpatched VMware Vulnerabilities for Full System Control

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Original release date: May 18, 2022 | Last revised: June 2, 2022SummaryUpdate June 2, 2022: This Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) has been updated with additional indicators of compromise (IOCs) and detection signatures, as well as tactics, techniques, and

Hashicorp vagrant-vmware-fusion bis 4.0.24 suid Wrapper erweiterte Rechte

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Eine kritische Schwachstelle wurde in Hashicorp vagrant-vmware-fusion bis 4.0.24 ausgemacht. Betroffen davon ist eine unbekannte Funktion der Komponente suid Wrapper. Mittels dem Manipulieren mit einer unbekannten Eingabe kann eine erweiterte Rechte-Schw

Looking at Patch Gap Vulnerabilities in the VMware ESXi TCP/IP Stack

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Over the last few years, multiple VMware ESXi remote, unauthenticated code execution vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed. Some were also found to be exploited in the wild. Since these bugs were found in ESXi’s implementation of the SLP ser

Hashicorp vagrant-vmware-fusion bis 4.0.20 erweiterte Rechte

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Eine kritische Schwachstelle wurde in Hashicorp vagrant-vmware-fusion bis 4.0.20 entdeckt. Hierbei geht es um eine unbekannte Funktion. Mittels dem Manipulieren mit einer unbekannten Eingabe kann eine erweiterte Rechte-Schwachstelle ausgenutzt werden. Kl

Microsoft announces next evolution of Azure VMware Solution

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Today, I’m excited to announce the preview of the next generation of Azure VMware Solution, designed, built, and supported by Microsoft and endorsed by VMware. With the current economic environment, many organizations face new challenges to find rapid and cost-

Azure and VMware innovation and momentum

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Since announcing Azure VMware Solutions at Dell Technologies World this spring, we’ve been energized by the positive feedback we’ve received from our partners and customers who are beginning to move their VMware workloads to Azure. One of these cu

MindShaRE: Analysis of VMware Workstation and ESXi Using Debug Symbols from Flings

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The availability of debug symbols greatly assists a researcher in understanding a software architecture, performing live debugging or static analysis. An end-to-end black box analysis of a closed source hypervisor is a time-consuming process. Microsoft h

Moving your VMware resources to Azure is easier than ever

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Back in April we announced the Azure VMware Solution to deliver a comprehensive VMware environment allowing you to run native VMware-based workloads on Azure. It’s a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) that includes vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, a

Teraco and VMware are Taking a New Approach to Support the Efforts of South Africa’s Cloud Innovators in Their Quest to Achieve Zero Carbon Emissions

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“The barriers confronting organizations in South Africa that want to achieve carbon neutral status by 2030 are significant. Among them is the simple reality that most of the nation’s power production originates from coal-fired plants located in the

AA22-174A: Malicious Cyber Actors Continue to Exploit Log4Shell in VMware Horizon Systems

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Original release date: June 23, 2022SummaryActions to take today: • Install fixed builds, updating all affected VMware Horizon and UAG systems to the latest versions. If updates or workarounds were not promptly applied following VMware’s release of upda

How VMware aims to make multi-cloud seamless

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Multi-cloud provides increased velocity, scale, and choice by enabling enterprises to create and deploy new services across clouds. But multi-cloud environments will quickly lose their allure if their operations are not seamless. VMware is offering o

VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ Now Generally Available

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Today, VMware is proud to announce the general availability of VMware vSphere+™ and VMware vSAN+™. Originally announced on June 28, vSphere+ and vSAN+ deliver the benefits of the cloud to on-premises workloads. vSphere+ combines industry-leading cloud infrastructure, an enterprise-ready Kubernete

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