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99 Prozent der befragten Unternehmen in Europa waren von einem Cybersecurity-Verstoß in ihrer Lieferkette betroffen. Digitale Lieferketten bestehen ......

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BlueVoyant stellt neue ergebnisorientierte Cyberabwehr-Plattform vor: BlueVoyant Elements

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Elements führt interne und externe Cybersicherheitsfunktionen zusammen und bietet unübertroffene Transparenz, Genauigkeit und Handlungsfähigkeit über ein End-to-End-Angebot BlueVoyant, eine hoch solide Cyberabwehrfirma hat heute den Startschuss zu

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When New York-Presbyterian CIO Daniel Barchi arrives at work in the morning, he doesn’t sit down at his desk. That’s because he doesn’t have a desk — or an office — of his own. “I guide a very, very large team of IT people, but I don’t hav

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlueVoyant and TELMEX Scitum, two leading cybersecurity companies, have today announced an exclusive alliance for Mexico under which TELMEX Scitum will integrate BlueVoyant’s services into its portfolio. This new partnership al

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Mutual or insurance companies are often governed by members and have business and/or membership rules that govern membership grants. Such rules are classified as Inclusion rules and Exclusion rules. Inclusion rules are business rules that reward cu

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According to the PMI Pulse of the Profession report, inaccurate requirements as a result of poor or missing business analysis processes are the second leading cause of project failure (39%), the first reason being changes in an organization’s priorities (41%). There’

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IntroductionSince its inception decades ago, the primary objective of business intelligence has been the creation of a top-down single source of truth from which organizations would centrally track KPIs and performance metrics with static reports and dashb

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It’s Business 101: A company exists to make money. So as a CIO, Ajay Sabhlok believes his mandate is “to figure out how to generate revenue for the company.”Sabhlok, CIO and chief data officer of security technology vendor Rubrik, says he does that by sea

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