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2,844 Separate Data Breaches leaked February 2018 - Free Download

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In February 2018, a massive collection of almost 3,000 alleged data breaches was found online. Whilst some of the data had previously been seen online, 2,844 of the files consisting of more than 80 million unique email addresses had not previously been

DevAudit - Open-source, Cross-Platform, Multi-Purpose Security Auditing Tool

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DevAudit is an open-source, cross-platform, multi-purpose security auditing tool targeted at developers and teams adopting DevOps and DevSecOps that detects security vulnerabilities at multiple levels of the solution stack. DevAudit provides a wide array

Harbian-Audit - Hardened Debian GNU/Linux Distro Auditing

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Hardened Debian GNU/Linux and CentOS 8 distro auditing.The main test environment is in debian GNU/Linux 9/10 and CentOS 8, and other versions are not fully tested. There are no implementations of desktop and SELinux related items in this release.The c

Linux 5.16 Released

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Linux v5.16 was released on Sunday, January 9th; the SELinux and audit highlights are below: SELinux Added SELinux access controls for io_uring. While io_uring provides an asynchronous I/O mechanism largely free of syscall overhead, its credential

The Definitive Guide to SOC 2 Compliance

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This article is part of the Twingate Infosec Compliance Series. Written for IT admins, security ops, and anyone else tasked with implementing infosec requirements imposed by compliance standards, this series explains common standards, how they relate to i

2017 Year In Review

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With 2017 coming to an end in a little over a week, it’s a good time to look back on what the SELinux, audit, and libseccomp projects have accomplished this year, and recognize the contributors that made it all possible. In 2017 we had five Linux Ker

DFIR-O365RC - PowerShell Module For Office 365 And Azure AD Log Collection

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PowerShell module for Office 365 and Azure AD log collectionModule description The DFIR-O365RC PowerShell module is a set of functions that allow the DFIR analyst to collect logs relevant for Office 365 Business Email Compromise investigations. The l

Microsoft-365-Extractor-Suite - A Set Of PowerShell Scripts That Allow For Complete And Reliable Acquisition Of The Microsoft 365 Unified Audit Log

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This suite of scripts contains two different scripts that can be used to acquire the Microsoft 365 Unified Audit Log Read the accompanying blog post on Microsoft365_Extractor, the original script stems

Cloud Security Audit - A Command Line Security Audit Tool For Amazon Web Services

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A command line security audit tool for Amazon Web ServicesAboutCloud Security Audit is a command line tool that scans for vulnerabilities in your AWS Account. In easy way you will be able to identify unsecure parts of your infrastructure and prepare your AWS account for security audit.InstallationCurrently Cloud Security Audit does not support any package managers, b

Open Redirect Payload List

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Unvalidated redirects and forwards are possible when a web application accepts untrusted input that could cause the web application to redirect the request to a URL contained within untrusted input. By modifying untrusted URL input to a malicious site, an attacker

Reference: TaoSecurity Press

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I started appearing in media reports in 2000. I used to provide this information on my Web site, but since I don't keep that page up-to-date anymore, I decided to publish it here. As of 2017, Mr. Bejtlich generally declines press inquiries on cybersecurity m

Linux 5.6 Released

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Linux v5.6 was released on Sunday, March 29, 2020; the SELinux and audit highlights are below: SELinux We’ve wanted to remove the CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE build option for some time, and in Linux v5.6 we are taking the first step by marking i

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