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➠ These are my 3 must-have Raspberry Pi accessories

If you've got a Raspberry Pi, you know how great they are, but these three accessories make a great device even better....

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In Secure Kali Pi (2022), the first blog post in the Raspberry Pi series, we set up a Raspberry Pi 4 with full disk encryption. We mentioned that we can leave it somewhere as a drop box. This brought up the question, “If it is not on my local network how

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The Kali community has been hard at work (as always!), and we want to showcase what we think is a very cool project of Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, the “P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. (A Little Offensive Application)”. It takes the standard Kali Linux image and adds custom software and some extra firmware designed for t

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Der neue Soundserver Pipewire ersetzt zusammen mit seinem Sessionmanager Wireplumber in aktuellen Linux-Distributionen das bisher verbreitete Pulse Audio. Anwender bekommen davon meist wenig mit – Hauptsache, es funktioniert. Geschaffen wurde Pipewi

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Making electrical projects is not easy. Especially when you are a beginner and not so technically rich. In the past, what would you do when you had to make a simple electrical project? You would either make a project on the breadboard or PCB. Of

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This is the first part of a 3 part series of blog posts surrounding Kali usage on Raspberry Pi devices. This first post will cover enabling Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on a Raspberry Pi, part two will cover remotely connecting to it, and finally, part th

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REST API fuzzer and negative testing tool. Run thousands of self-healing API tests within minutes with no coding effort!Comprehensive: tests are generated automatically based on a large number scenarios and cover every field and headerIntelligent: tests are generated based on data types and constraint

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Four years ago I wrote how to BUILD (literally compile) Visual Studio Code for a Raspberry Pi ARM machine. Just a few months later in November, community member Jay Rodgers released his labor of love - nightly builds of VS Code for Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi. If you want to get unofficial builds of Visua

Raspberry Pi 5 Not Launching Until After 2023

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Les Pounder writes via Tom's Hardware: Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton announced via a recent blog post that 100,000 units would be making their way into the supply chain, and that the in the latter-half of 2023 we can expect stock levels to return to pre-pandemic

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