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➠ XSS in Wooomerce analytics

Woocommerce analytics module is not properly escaped against an XSS attack.

This vulnerability affects the following application versions:

  • Jetpack 10.0
  • Jetpack 10.0-beta
  • Jetpack 10.1
  • Jetpack 10.1-beta
  • Jetpack 10.2
  • Jetpack 10.2.1
  • Jetpack 10.2-beta
  • Jetpack 10.3
  • Jetpack 10.3-2110.1
  • Jetpack 10.3-a.1
  • Jetpack 10.3-a.3
  • Jetpack 10.3-beta
  • Jetpack 10.4
  • Jetpack 10.4-a.1
  • Jetpack 10.4-a.3
  • Jetpack 10.4-a.5
  • Jetpack 10.4-a.7
  • Jetpack 10.4-a.9
  • Jetpack 10.4-beta
  • Jetpack 10.5
  • Jetpack 10.5.1
  • Jetpack 10.5-a.1
  • Jetpack 10.5-a.3
  • Jetpack 10.5-beta
  • Jetpack 10.6
  • Jetpack 10.6.1
  • Jetpack 10.6-a.1
  • Jetpack 10.6-a.3
  • Jetpack 10.6-beta
  • Jetpack 10.7
  • Jetpack 10.7-a.1
  • Jetpack 10.7-a.3
  • Jetpack 10.7-a.5
  • Jetpack 10.7-beta
  • Jetpack 10.7-beta2
  • Jetpack 10.7+vip.1
  • Jetpack 10.8
  • Jetpack 10.8-a.1
  • Jetpack 10.8-a.3
  • Jetpack 10.8-a.5
  • Jetpack 10.8-a.7
  • Jetpack 10.8-a.9
  • Jetpack 10.8-a.9.2
  • Jetpack 10.8-beta
  • Jetpack 10.8-beta2
  • Jetpack 10.9
  • Jetpack 10.9.1
  • Jetpack 10.9-a.1
  • Jetpack 10.9-a.3
  • Jetpack 10.9-a.5
  • Jetpack 10.9-a.7
  • Jetpack 10.9-beta
  • Jetpack 10.9-beta2
  • Jetpack 8.7
  • Jetpack
  • Jetpack 8.7.1
  • Jetpack 8.7.2
  • Jetpack 8.7-beta
  • Jetpack 8.8
  • Jetpack 8.8.1
  • Jetpack 8.8.2
  • Jetpack 8.8.3
  • Jetpack 8.8-alpha
  • Jetpack 8.8-beta
  • Jetpack 8.8-beta2
  • Jetpack 8.9
  • Jetpack 8.9.1
  • Jetpack 8.9.2
  • Jetpack 8.9-beta
  • Jetpack 8.9-beta2
  • Jetpack 9.0
  • Jetpack 9.0.1
  • Jetpack 9.0.2
  • Jetpack
  • Jetpack 9.0.3
  • Jetpack 9.0-beta
  • Jetpack 9.1
  • Jetpack 9.1.1
  • Jetpack 9.2
  • Jetpack 9.2.1
  • Jetpack 9.2.2
  • Jetpack 9.2-beta2
  • Jetpack 9.3
  • Jetpack 9.3.1
  • Jetpack 9.3.2
  • Jetpack 9.3.2-repo-moved
  • Jetpack 9.3.3
  • Jetpack 9.3-beta
  • Jetpack 9.4
  • Jetpack 9.4.1
  • Jetpack 9.4.2
  • Jetpack 9.4-beta
  • Jetpack 9.5
  • Jetpack 9.5.1
  • Jetpack 9.5.2
  • Jetpack 9.5.3
  • Jetpack 9.5-beta
  • Jetpack 9.6
  • Jetpack 9.6.1
  • Jetpack 9.6.2
  • Jetpack 9.6-beta
  • Jetpack 9.7
  • Jetpack 9.7.1
  • Jetpack 9.7-beta
  • Jetpack 9.7-beta2
  • Jetpack 9.8
  • Jetpack 9.8.1
  • Jetpack 9.8-beta
  • Jetpack 9.9
  • Jetpack 9.9.1
  • Jetpack 9.9-beta
  • Jetpack pr-update-to

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