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Lakecia Benjamin als John Coltranes virtuose Jazzerbin

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Das neue Album der US-Saxofonistin, "Phoenix" bringt druckvollen, engagierten Jazz $(document).ready(function() { onYouTubePlayerAPIReadyByID(''); });

SQL JOIN explained

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In this post we're going to see how the SQL JOIN works, guided by a practical example while covering SQL and Set theory basics. Even though you're not familiar with SQL, you can follow along as this post covers the very basics. ❕ A litt

Mastering Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript: Best Practices and Examples

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Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a popular programming paradigm that allows developers to create modular, maintainable, and reusable code. JavaScript, a programming language that has become ubiquitous in web development, also supports OOP. In this bl

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Day 2 of 100 Days Data Science Bootcamp from noob to expert. GitHub link: Complete-Data-Science-Bootcamp Main Post: Complete-Data-Science-Bootcamp Recap Day 1 Yesterday we have studied inm detail about basics of python. What we will study in this... In this lesson, we will delve deeper into the various inbuilt data structures in Py

Unpacking the Trickiest Concepts in JavaScript

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JavaScript is a powerful and versatile language that has become a cornerstone of web development. However, as developers build more complex and dynamic applications, they often encounter tricky concepts that can be challenging to master. From scopes an

7 ways CIOs can build a high-performance team

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Having a clear vantage point within the organization, CIOs play a vital role bringing together engaged and motivated employees to work toward a common outcome, increase productivity, and achieve better business outcomes. Many CIOs know that a high-p

Core JavaScript: Scope

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About the series Core JavaScript is a series I'm writing that covers, as the name suggests, some of the core principles of JavaScript. It originally started as a study or reference material for myself, but I decided to share it with the co

Google at NeurIPS 2022

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Posted by Cat Armato, Program Manager, Google This week marks the beginning of the 36th annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2022), the biggest machine learning conference of the year, which is being held in New Orleans, LA. NeurIPS 2022 will be held in person with additional options for virtual attendees, and includes invited talks, demonstrations and pre

New US CIO appointments, July 2022

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Movers & Shakers is where you can keep up with new CIO appointments and gain valuable insight into the job market and CIO hiring trends. As every company becomes a technology company, CEOs and corporate boards are seeking multi-dimensional CIOs with

Jetzt also doch: Polizei in Singapur darf Daten der Kontakt-Tracing-Anwendung nutzen

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Mit Singapur legt einer der Vorreiter bei der Bluetooth-basierten Kontaktverfolgung eine Kehrtwende beim Datenschutz hin. Lange Zeit hieß es von der Regierung, die Daten aus der Anwendung "TraceTogether" würden nur für das Aufspüren von Risikokontakt

All the Ways to Remove an Item from an Array

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You might be wondering how can I remove a specific item from an array. In fact, this is a common task in programming, and there are several different ways for it which we'll cover in this article. Before we move on, remember you can build your websit

SharpDPAPI - A C# Port Of Some Mimikatz DPAPI Functionality

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SharpDPAPI is a C# port of some DPAPI functionality from @gentilkiwi's Mimikatz project.I did not come up with this logic, it is simply a port from Mimikatz in order to better understand the process and operationalize it to fit our workflow. The SharpChrome subproject is an adaptation of work from @gentilkiwi and @djhohnstein, specifically his SharpChrome project. However, this version of SharpChrome

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