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On-device machine learning solutions with ML Kit, now even easier to use

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Posted by Christiaan Prins, Product Manager, ML Kit and Shiyu Hu, Tech Lead Manager, ML Kit Two years ago at I/O 2018 we introduced ML Kit, making it easier for mobile developers to integrate machine learning into your apps. Today, more than 25,000 applications on Android and iOS make use of ML Kit’s features. Now, we are introducing some changes that will make it even easier to u

Announcing the Newest Addition to MLKit: Entity Extraction

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Posted by Kenny Sulaimon, Product Manager, ML Kit, Tory Voight, Product Manager, ML Kit, Daniel Furlong, Lei Yu, Software Engineers, ML Kit, Dong Chen, Technical Lead, MLKit Six months ago, we introduced the standalone version of the ML Kit SDK, making it

ML Kit Pose Detection Makes Staying Active at Home Easier

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Posted by Kenny Sulaimon, Product Manager, ML Kit; Chengji Yan and Areeba Abid, Software Engineers, ML Kit Two months ago we introduced the standalone version of the ML Kit SDK, making it even easier to integrate on-device machine learning into mobile

ML Kit is now in GA & Introducing Selfie Segmentation

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Posted by Kenny Sulaimon, Product Manager, ML Kit Chengji Yan, Suril Shah, Buck Bourdon, Software Engineers, ML Kit, Shiyu Hu, Technical Lead, ML Kit Dong Chen, Technical Lead, ML Kit At the end of 2020, we introduced the Entity Extraction API to our

The 2018 Christmas List of Best STEM Toys for Kids

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Hey friends! This is my FIFTH year doing a list of Great STEM Christmas Toys for Kids! Can you believe it? In case you missed them, here's the previous years' lists! Be aware I use Amazon referral links so I get a little kickback (and you support this bl

Top 10+ Best React Native UI Components for Mobile App Development

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Welcome to the world of React Native UI components for mobile app development. As a mobile app developer, you know that user experience is key to delivering a successful product. This is why it is so important to choose the right tools for your de

ML Kit expands into NLP with Language Identification and Smart Reply

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Posted by Christiaan Prins and Max Gubin Today we are announcing the release of two new features to ML Kit: Language Identification and Smart Reply. You might notice that both of these features are different from our existing APIs that were all focuse

Android Auto im Test: Funktionen, Apps, Auto-Hersteller, Varianten

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Android Auto ist Googles Lösung zur Integration von Android-Smartphones in das Infotainmentsystem eines modernen PKW. Es hat das ältere Mirrorlink längst verdrängt und ist ein Konkurrent zu Carplay, mit dem Apple seine iPhones in das Auto einbindet. Wir stellen in diesem Artikel alle Aspekte und Var

Full spectrum of on-device machine learning tools on Android

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Posted by Hoi Lam, Android Machine Learning This blog post is part of a weekly series for #11WeeksOfAndroid. Each week we’re diving into a key area of Android so you don’t miss anything. Throughout this week, we covered various aspects of Android on-devi

TensorFlow Lite for education and makers

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Posted by Scott Main, AIY Projects and Coral Back in 2017, we began AIY Projects to make do-it-yourself artificial intelligence projects accessible to anybody. Our first project was the AIY Voice Kit, which allows you to build your own intelligent device that responds to voice commands

Slack Next-gen Platform - Built-in Forms

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the built-in forms in your Slack's next-generation platform apps. The next-gen platform offers a simple form feature, which is available as a built-in Schema.slack.functions.OpenForm function. After reading th

Create a drum kit using RxJS and Angular standalone components

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Introduction This is day 1 of Wes Bos's JavaScript 30 challenge where I create a drum kit to play sounds when keys are pressed. In the tutorial, I created the components using RxJS, Angular standalone components and removed the NgModules.

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