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$7 Malware Allows Anyone to Become a Hacker Overnight

IT Security Nachrichten vom 17.07.2017 um 09:18 Uhr | Quelle news.softpedia.com
Security company Proofpoint has discovered a new form of malware that can be purchased for just $7 and which has the potential of going undetected by antivirus software. In an in-depth analysis of the malware, Proofpoint explains that Ovidiy Stealer is priced at 450-750 Rubles (~$7-13 USD), and the archive includes one build that comes as a precompiled executable. The company says the file is crypted to “thwart analysis and detection,” and while the infection can be detected by some antivirus solutions, it’s flagged with a generic description that says little about its purpose. Ovidiy Stealer typically spreads with the help of executable email attachments, compressed executable attachments, and links to keygen websites or hosting pages. In all cases, the included file is an executable that’s infected with the malware, so this is the first thing to l......

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