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📚 C++ library for developing Wayland compositors

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Hello, yesterday I officially released Louvre v1.0.0, a C++ library designed for building Wayland compositors with a primary focus on ease of development. It provides a default method for handling protocols, input events, and rendering, which you can selectively and progressively override as required, allowing you to see a functional compositor from day 1.

It supports multi-GPU setups, multi-session (TTY switching), and offers various rendering options, including a scene and view system that automatically repaints only the damaged (changing) regions during a frame. Because it uses multiple threads, it can maintain a high FPS rate with v-sync enabled when rendering complex scenarios. In contrast, single-threaded compositors often experience a rapid drop in FPS, for example, from 60 to 30 fps, due to "dead times" while waiting for a screen vblank, leading to the skipping of frames.

The library is freely available, open source, thoroughly documented, includes examples, and features a detailed tutorial.

You can find it here:

I hope it proves useful for you. If you decide to use it and encounter any doubts or wish to contribute to its development, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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