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๐Ÿ“š Looking for a name or set of packages that installs a distribution FROM a LiveCD/USB to a hard drive, preferably Debian but also RPM. Similar to what Ubuntu/Fedora might use.

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I have created my own deb-based live distro. Why? Well, as a proof of concept for some developers who have some very specific needs in proprietary firmware space. Due to weird licensing issues, we can't use anything like Hashicorp's Packer or Yocto, so I created a Live Linux distro which they put on some USB device, and they love it. Boots right up. But now they are asking for an installer. I mean, i could tell them to do use "dd" but that seems inelegant. Looking for build scripts, preferably TUI-based, that will install from a live distro onto the /dev/sda or whatever. I guess i could whip something up using what I did to build the liveusb (deboostrap, grub-efi, mtools, etc), but I'd like it to be "shit simple" interactive for these guys. Like type in "" and then follow the prompts.

It strikes me that distros that have live CDs, like Ubuntu, Fedora, and so on, have a set of packages that do this. Even debian preseed, which we use from a PXE boot, uses some kind of installer as its back end.

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